Important Updates From Your Local Abolitionists

First off, Sacramento, we need you to show up. You gotta hear this… it is vital to our liberation that YOU join us in this fight. We need YOU. We need your family. We need your friends. We need your neighbors. And here’s why….

#SayTheirNames #ItHappensInSacramento


Sacramento area has one of the highest rates of killings by police! According to the Fatal Force report released by the Washington Post, 554 people have been killed by police nationwide in 2017. California makes up about 20% of these killings (the leading state in police killings), with 92 killings by police this year alone. Where does Sacramento fall in this? Well of all the black folks killed by police in California, they are all mostly happening in Sacramento area!! WE NEED PEOPLE TO SHOW UP TO THIS MOVEMENT. Now more than ever, black lives literally depend on the community showing up and fighting this system. It happens right here in our city!!


Armani Lee - 28 - shot by sacramento law enforcement 6 times currently being abused in jail. No showers no time out of his cell for over three weeks.


Desmond Phillips - 25 - suffered major brain injury and has seizures at the hands of Sac PD
moved to Chico to get away from them and was killed by Chico Police while having a seizure.


Lorenzo Cruz - 23 - Murdered by Rocklin Police shot  7 times while surrendering


Ryan Ellis - 29 - arrested at 7pm and arrived to hospital at midnight. They say he managed to break a window and leap out of it while in the back of a moving sheriff car, and while cuffed and seat belted in.


Mikel McIntyre - 32 - Shot 4 times in his back while suffering mental health crisis and running away.


Nandi Cain - 34 - Beaten by SacPD for not jaywalking and then taken to the county jail and beaten while being taunted with names.


Patricia Hill - 38 - SacPD beat and broke the bridge of her nose, brought her to jail on a false breathalyzer test and sheriff deputies broke her eye socket.


James Nelson - 28 - 2nd and 3rd degree burns while being pressed against the hot Black top by Citrus Heights Police during an arrest while suffering a mental health crisis. He was burnt, dragged, and burnt again and is currently in a coma and not healing.


Zityrua Abraham - 23 - Thrown to the ground on her stomach by SacPD while 7.5 months pregnant. They went to the wrong house.


We are holding Black community space monthly for creating support systems, organizing plans, and policy goals that have a Black Sacramento agenda. Next meeting, 8/12 Emergency Open Meeting for Black Sacramento:


We are holding space monthly for healing and Black joy. Join us 8/5 Black Resilience is Revolutionary!


We are holding community space monthly to create the structure for community alternatives to calling the police. Next Community Alternatives meeting 8/5 Whose Streets? Our Streets! Alternatives to Police!




#Justice4ArmaniLee - UPDATE


Armani Lee was being followed by undercover cops for days before they decided to confront him without identifying themselves. He was shot six times with one bullet going through his neck and chin area.


SacPD and Sac Sheriff arrived to the scene, along with an ambulance.


Armani was not loaded into the ambulance for at least 30 minutes.


His family was contacted and told he was dead, even though he was not.


He was very much alive and screaming in pain on the grass.


Police expected him to bleed out, but it wasn't his time.


Armani is now in the county jail, has undergone several surgeries, and is facing attempted murder charges. He is being taunted and abused in the Sacramento County Jail! For no reason, he was placed in solitary confinement for three weeks. He has been called names by jail deputies, held without having any time out of solitary confinement, including not having access to showers. We really need the community to show up for this beautiful soul. He needs to know we are behind him! Here’s what you can do:

  1. Show up to his next court date on 8/7 so he has the presence of his community behind him. We are very concerned that he is not going to get a fair trial with an actual attorney that cares about this outcome. Next court date:

  2. Donate to this YouCaring page to put money on his books:

  3. Write him letters, draw him pictures! Stay tuned for our next event where we will get together just to write him letters.




Sac PD Underground - UPDATE


BLM Sacramento leads have been getting lots of questions and unsolicited advice on how to respond to this heinous Facebook page. A lot of the criticism that has been given to the leads about what we should do or how we should respond has actually already been done. Please join the movement for black lives if you have ideas. But please do not offer your criticism if you are not invested in this work! We are fighting hard for freedom and want/need you to join us. But what we don’t need is unsolicited advice! Here’s a rundown of what has happened and what has been done so far in regards to the Sac PD Underground Facebook page:


  • In April, BLM Sacramento was invited to meet with City officials about the interviewing and hiring of the new Sac PD Police Chief. At that meeting, we talked about pertinent information that was only shared in that space. Shortly after the meeting, that information was posted here on the Sac PD Underground page (pictured below). This is how we KNOW this page is being run by city officials/employees or someone who is getting information from city officials or employees.

  • The City of Sacramento has a specific policy for its employees’ personal usage of social media. It clearly states that employees can and will be disciplined for what the put on social media, even on private accounts. From pp. 6-7 of the policy, “City employees are not prohibited from using social media platforms to express their opinions and views. However, if it can be reasonably interpreted from the content of the post (e.g., photo, comment, tweet, following, sharing, or video) or from other details provided on the City employee’s social media account that the City employee is speaking on behalf of the City on their personal account, the employee shall provide a disclaimer on the account or in the same post stating that their opinions and views do not reflect the opinions and views of the City of Sacramento.This disclaimer aids in protecting City employee’s lawful rights. However, the use of this disclaimer does not shield against discipline for violations of this policy. The City reserves its right to regulate what is spoken or expressed on its behalf.” The policy goes on to include that “public safety officers are ‘classic positions of public trust’ and are held to a higher standard than most other public employees.” And finally, the policy tells employees: “Keep in mind that if your conduct on social media platforms adversely affects your job performance or the performance of your co-workers is detrimental to the mission and function of the City, or otherwise adversely affects members of the public served by the City, people who work on behalf of the City, or the City’s legitimate business interests, the City may take disciplinary action against you, up to and including termination.” Yet still no action taken from the City.

  • On multiple occasions, BLM and community members have written directly to Assistant City Manager Arturo Sanchez and Francine Tournour from the City Office of Public Safety and Accountability. The responses have not taken any action against employees who are publically using this page, posting about official city “business” nor has there been any movement to remove the page or find out who’s behind it. Even with the personal use of social media policy, city officials are using “freedom of speech” as a reason for doing nothing (pic below).  

  • We launched a social media campaign calling for the community to write and call the city manager’s office and city council members.

 EjSLFfu6li-ZIiggo-cZLbGDsWv78tomxOT_HE9WzQ7BoORoSMoTr7Lk1Y9Y3u_6yZ84BuEj9e5BQw4_w1384-h693.png  FullSizeRender-2.jpg


And still… no action from the City to remove this page, or hold anyone accountable. Even though we can provide the names of specific employees who are posting on the page. Even though the City can have an investigation by contacting Facebook to see who’s really behind this page.


We have fought hard to get them to do something. We need you to fight with us!


The ‘Ain’t I a Woman’ March - Sacramento Black Women’s March - #OurTurn


BLM Sacramento participated in the ‘Ain’t I a Woman’ March on July 15th, organized by Black Women United Sacramento. BLM Sacramento Chapter Founder and Lead, Tanya Faison was a speaker. Check out this amazing video of the beginning of the March:



Upcoming Events - JOIN US, FOR REAL!


7/8 to 9/16, Black Summer Coming to Your Hood

  • 8/5/17 - Meadowview Area
  • 8/20/17 - Del Paso Heights
  • 9/2/17 - Oak Park
  • 9/16/17 - Valley Hi

7/26 Free Keyan - Court Support


8/5 Black Resilience is Revolutionary!


8/5 Whose Streets? Our Streets! Alternatives to Police!


8/7 Justice for Armani Lee! Court support!


8/12 Emergency Open Meeting for Black Sacramento:


9/2 Policy Platform for Black Lives - Training/Workshop

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