I think it is safe to say that 2016 truly got the best of everyone. If you feel emotionally fatigued
and mentally dazed, let me assure you, you are not alone. You are not expected to be ok after the
events of this year but can we not dance around these issues and classify them as “2016” issues?
Let’s attempt to understand everything that has happened this year (Trump president-elect, recent
racially charged verbal and physical attacks, police shootings in Sacramento County) are direct
effects of a system built to benefit non POC and suppress tax payers from having a voice. If this
was not the case, then our cries would be taken seriously. Our city council would not be
comfortable with walking out during a formal meeting nor would they allow the Sac PD to get
away with murder and withhold resources to provide closure to the families of the deceased. Do
not be so naïve to think, “Oh, it’s just a hard year, next year will be better.” Do not be the one to
sweep these issues under the rug. We are the only solution. No one is going to fight for us like

Accountability.  Transparency.  Please someone tell me, are we asking for too much?  Why are these requests unfathomable?  At the last city council meeting there was an older white man who came to make a statement regarding the “revamped” police commission, which was passed unfortunately.  He identified himself as a retired police office of roughly 20+ years and had said something that really stuck with me and made me very uncomfortable.  He quoted President Obama comparing what it’s like to be a black man in America to being a police officer saying don’t judge a police officer unless you’ve walked in their shoes. Excuse me?  Who do you protect?  Who do you serve? I mean honestly it perplexed me for a couple of moments because of the irony of his statement.  The way he addressed accountability was as if the mere thought of it was poison.  It hit me hard and made me come to the realization the police aren’t here for us.  They don’t care if they take someone’s father, son, daughter, or mother.  It is evident they only care about covering their ass and their departments ass.  Correct me if I am wrong, but do we not pay their salaries out of our checks?  Are they not here to protect and to serve us, the people? If this is so, then why is accountability negative!  We deserve to know what is said before multiple shots end someone’s life from our “protectors”.  Police do not deserve privacy.  What if Joseph Mann’s murderers did not have dashboard cams?  We would never know the attempts they took to hit him in their car saying, “Fuck this guy.”  We will continue to push for transparency and will not back down. Being a police officer is a choice, a profession.  If law enforcement cannot embody what the people who pay their salaries want then we have no need for them and deserve to have a say in who is protecting our community.

So who is holding who accountable?  Definitely not our city council who have collectively received thousands of dollars in law enforcements endorsements. Not our Sheriff Scott Jones who has done his share of dirt while in office (there isn’t enough space in this blog to write all of his lawsuits).  I will tell you who needs to hold who accountable.  Us.  Black Lives Matter Sacramento, SURJ and the many folks that stand in solidarity to rid our city if systemic oppression, gentrification, mistreatment of the mentally ill and homeless.  Really take out the time think about who would be standing for Adrienne Ludd, Dazion Flenaugh, Joseph Mann, or Jason King if not us.  We, the people, deserve what we are asking for.  It is not too much and we will not back down. As we wait for Dazion Flenaugh’s police footage to be released and get ready to battle every excuse for the delay, by the way we were told this video did not exist, we have some upcoming events for you to be a part of. Peace and Black Love.



Some of the things we are doing...


1/7/17 We are putting the City of Sacramento on Notice




1/7/17 We are creating Alternatives to the Police!



1/16/17 #ReclaimMLK: This was Not the Dream

When: Monday January 16th 2017
Where: Safeway on Alhambra 
Time: Meet at 9:30am
Address: 1025 Alhambra Blvd 


1/21/17 We are having an Open Meeting!!

When: Saturday, January 21, 2017
Where: Wellspring Women's Center
Address: 3414 4th Avenue, 95817
Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm


1/22/17 We are Collecting Socks, Shoes, & Slippers for folks without homes!

When: Sunday, January 22, 2017
Where: Bel Air parking lot (we will be closer to Florin Rd)
Time: 12:00pm - 3:00pm
Address: 1301 Florin Rd (corner of Freeport and Florin)


2/4/17 We are walking for Justice in our Justice Night Walk! 12 people died from Police in Sacramento in 2016!


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