Humane Is Not Radical


What do we want?  This is a simple question.  When tangled with all the different ways to get what we want it might come off as complicated, but it really is simple.  We want our Black lives to be liberated. We want freedom.  The thought of Black people attaining liberation is considered radical.  Seems crazy, eh?  The fact that wanting proper living situations, policy, representation, and healthcare for all Black people (woman, man, trans-gender, trans-sexual, queer, etc.) should not seem out of reach or radical.  It should not be “out of the ordinary” when we come for these things.  Seeing footage of a cop blatantly shooting at a Black person should not be ordinary and asking for a cop to be charged for killing an innocent Black person should not be radical.  These are our rights.  We are human. Needing to fight to be recognized as such is the ONLY thing that should be considered “out of the ordinary”.


To attain liberation, we must fight through all systems that are oppressing this goal.  To dismantle these systems, we must fight for their transparency, accountability, community empowering reforms, and completely creating new systems.  When I say these words (transparency, accountability) it does not seem like it should be a fight to attain.  I mean, when we were kids we were told to tell the truth and taught the golden rule?  Yet here we are have in 2018 having “Know Your Rights While Being Black” workshops just to inform our people how to live while being Black in everyday situations to avoid being killed. 

You, reading this blog at this very moment, do understand that this was not the dream Martin Luther King spoke of, right?  Martin Luther King day just passed and it brings a certain feeling to me to know we have only been thrown crumbs to pacify ourselves over the last 40+ years.  MLK was arrested 30 times during his activism.  He was introduced to us as this feeble Black man who turned the other cheek repeatedly as if he was taking the pain of his oppressors with ease because it was the right thing to do.  Nah.  Like hell nah.  MLK would have been considered a Black Identity Extremist in this time.  He held protests, opposed police, and spoke up about the injustices against his people.  He was pro-black and radical.  I have seen people say that he would have denounced “Black Lives Matter” but in reality, when reviewing tactics and principles (not just what the media has spoon fed you) of Black Lives Matter it is obvious that BLM is exactly the organization that he would have marched with. 


Can we all just agree that we have been fed lies all our lives about the government, corporations, and Law Enforcement, as overall systems, caring about colored middle to low class communities. Can’t we agree that media outlets and politicians will never shake the boat of the ones feeding them.  Then, can we move forward with disabling these systems and having confidence in ourselves and leadership to grow.  That’s being woke, liberation, whatever the hell you want to call it.  There isn’t a Superman character or magical force to change the things around us.  There are only rich white people and what they control and us. So, whose side are you on.



Events coming up:

Know Your Rights While Black Part 2: 2/3 – There are rights as Americans and then there are Black rights.  Come join us as we talk being alive while Black.  More details HERE.

Freedom Day: 2/17 – This is educational workshop to discuss your educational rights, resources, and ethnic studies taking place in your city.  Bring the family!  More details HERE.

Whose Streets? Our Streets, Community Alternatives to Police: 3/3 - Creating alternatives to calling the police. Relying on community instead. More details HERE.

The Anti-Sammies: 3/15 Celebration lifting Black art in Sacramento. Alternative to the SN&R Sammies awards. More details HERE.

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