Freedom for Whom???


Home of the free.

Land of the brave.

Justice for all.


Bullshit then and bullshit now. To be Black and free in “America” is as much of a lie as it was in 1776. The only self-evident truths are of inequality and oppression, of theft and subjugation, of pain and separation, of enslavement, sorrow, violence, greed, terror—The revolution hasn’t even begun.

Fuck the 4th of July.

The war of independence from Britain was waged on stolen land and fueled by the labor and military service of enslaved Africans. The hypocrisy of demanding liberty for yourself while simultaneously selling, shackling, raping, and dehumanizing the people around you shocks us in 2018—as if the United States has somehow changed. As if enslaving Black folx in for-profit prisons and building walls to keep continental Native folx out wasn’t the exact policies of our fore-white-supremists. Same as it ever was.

To celebrate nationalism in America is to celebrate genocide of Black and brown peoples. It is ignoring that little Black boys are legally assassinated in parks, that Black men get shot down by the state for being in their own backyards, that immigrant children are being detained in camps, that the US scours the earth for goods, labor, and resources to steal for wealthy white folx through war, while our government can’t even keep the water supply clean in poor communities of color. When we collectively ignore anti-Blackness and pretend that the “American Dream” is anything more than suppression, we are upholding the same damn cycle.

Fireworks are beautiful—and they will look just as beautiful on New Year’s or birthdays.

July 4th, 2019—Lets do something else. Let’s bring attention to the fact that no one is free until EVERYONE is free, and if you do need to light something up, let it be the state that only values Black life when it is profitable.

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