Disrespectful AF!

I have a serious questions to all of our readers.  You don’t have to respond or even have the answer now but let it be something you think about during your week, when the videos of black bodies being targeted show up on your timeline.  Why is it ok for people to look at this movement and question the fight rather than look at the systems we are fighting and question the system?  When did fighting for black people to be treated with dignity and respect become a revolution?   


Simple questions, complex but simple.  I ask these questions because it’s time to challenge your thoughts and choose the fuck up.  Excuse the language but when you hear about these cases of black people being murderers and their families being disrespected and you make up in your mind to turn a blind eye, you are now empowering the very systems and oppressive figures that will not bat an eye if your loved one or yourself becomes the one targeted.  The lives that have been taking , the people that have been harassed are not any different from you and I.  Don’t for a second think, oh…that can’t happen to me.  Be apart of the reason that it doesn’t happen to you or anyone else.

Let start by eliminating excuses.  Time after time, we find ourselves exhausting emotion and energy trying to convince others about the injustice and prevalent racism taking place HERE, IN OUR CITY.  Honestly, it’s not like our DA, Sheriff Department, or local Law Enforcement are being shy about taking the lives of black people and releasing the murderers.  With such blatant slaughtering, I think it is safe to say that we owe no explanation to no one.  The only thing that matters is continuously fighting for the rights and the punishment  of officers involved with the murder and/or harassment of Adriene Ludd, Dazion Flenaugh, Joseph Mann, Desmond Phillips, Lorenzo Cruz, Mikel McIntyre, Ryan Ellis, Armani Lee and Nandi Cain Jr.

That last sentence is pivotal.  These lives that were taken and the men that are still living dealing with the traumatic abuse by Law Enforcement is the only thing that matters in this fight.  So many fucking names. 

How do we stop this list from growing? 

It’s obvious. 

You show up. 

Let me be clear, this is not a plea for you to support by any means.  Trust me when I say that the thirst for Black Liberation is alive and well.  However, this is an effort to open your eyes to the real issues that happen here.  Not Ferguson, not the Deep South, and not in 1960 but here in our “progressive” state of California in the capitol city, Sacramento.

Look at the below events, click follow on the Facebook page, subscribe to the mailing list, and show up to the events created for our community to come out and be apart of this revolution.  Oh yeah and lest we forget, when discussing Black Liberation, Fuck the Police is always the answer.


Upcoming Events :

Tanya, Denise, David court date : May 30, 830-10a https://www.facebook.com/events/124377464801702/?ti=icl

Black Resilience is Revolutionary: June 3, 11-12p https://www.facebook.com/events/1928352874090283/?ti=icl

Emergency Meeting for Black Sacramento: July 1, 6p-8p https://www.facebook.com/events/1851199018537184/?ti=icl

Whose Streets? Our Streets! Community Alternatives to Police: July 8, 6p-8p 

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