Our Best Protection is PUBLIC Documentation!

One of our best protections against state retribution for our political activity is public documentation of the threats they bring:

- I was informed by a trusted friend this week that the sheriff of the Emeryville Police Department gave a talk to a group of white women democrats that were headed to speak at the oakland women's march. They were concerned about their safety and asked Chief Jennifer Tejada to come give them pointers. She told them that the time to leave was when Cat Brooks spoke because apparently I am one of the most dangerous figures in the Bay Area and I incite people to violence. It should be noted I was never slated to speak at the women's march.


- a couple of months ago I was informed that the oakland police department trains their officers on videos of me.

- I have also been informed that Asst Chief David Downing (who thinks protestors should be hosed) regularly goes on rants about me and APTP in department meetings

- during the Trump protests in oakland - OPD was looking to arrest and charge me for inciting a riot

This isn't just about me y'all. Dissent is being criminalized and they are coming for us. All of us. They are fabricating narratives to justify coming for us. We cannot overlook the federal and local connections and my bassu Tur-Ha Ak says we should never take ourselves less seriously than they take us.

I'm being targeted.

That's fine.

I stand unapologetic in my political spiritual and moral beliefs and actions. I will live die and breathe forever love for Black people and Black liberation.

I am not the only one.

WE are being targeted.

Across the country - activists are being attacked for the simple and beautiful act of loving and defending their people.

Remember our ancestors who paid the ultimate price to struggle for liberation and our elders still rotting in American concentration camps for doing little more than demanding our humanity be recognized and our agency be respected. There is nothing radical or "dangerous" about that demand. That is basic human dignity.

Our unwavering commitment must be to fight for our people even in the face of mounting oppression. To love our people in the face of mounting fascism. To resist and build and dream and love and laugh and build and LIVE. And to stand united when they come for ANY of us.

#donotfearthestorm #bethestorm




One of our best protections against state retribution for our political activity is public documentation of the threats they bring.




(credit to Cat Brooks)

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