Did You Forget About Mike? (Well We Didn't)

You need to know the story of Mikel McIntrye.

He was his mother’s only child.

Her name is Brigett McIntyre.

When his life was stolen by Sacramento County Sheriff, he had one infant son.

He was a major league baseball prospect and was always generally happy.

He was visiting the Sacramento area, and his MURDER will forever be a memory of said visit.

What a way to welcome visitors to Sacramento.


Life has a crazy way of sometimes challenging our mental stability and for Mikel McIntyre it was the deaths of a few family members, a pending surgery for his grandmother, coupled with a battle for visitation with his infant son's mother.  It was literally the life of his son and the deaths of an aunt and grandparents that caused him not to be himself and to emotionally reach an unexpected breaking point. 

There is nothing criminal about not being able to handle the death of a loved one, especially multiple loved ones in a short period of time.  There’s nothing criminal about stressing over getting visitation with your child.  There is nothing criminal about being Black.  But it’s the same story every time, the mere fact of being Black is the biggest crime in America…..hence the inception of law enforcement and its slave patrol roots, whose responsibility was chasing Black bodies in the 1800s and they are still chasing Black bodies to this day.  There are so many layers to how we could further explore the chasing of Black bodies, as Mikel McIntyre was shot in the back while running away in fear for his life.


It’s a shame; we still have to ask ourselves where Black folks fit into America’s BIG PICTURE.  To question where Black folks fit in is indicative of how Blacks in America are taught to mask and hide the pain we feel inside because we know how essential we are to the “rat race” of the American economy, society and culture.  Because truth be told, it has been on the backs and breast of Black folks this shit, we call America has become what it is today. PERIOD.  DOT.  EXCLAMATION POINT!!!  (Drops the mic)

(Picks the mic back up because we cannot let this hypocrisy continue.)  We all have been victims to one degree or another of not seeing our way through the emotional turmoil that boggles the soul and forces us to live just a little bit differently than before said trauma.  Psychologist says when these kinds of adverse events happen to children (ACEs – Adverse Childhood Experiences) and especially children of color that the overlapping trauma often times leads to an inability to cope as adults with stress.  In reality, trauma affects us all in varying ways and we all need time to pause and heal, especially since we all suffer from Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome according to Dr. Joy DeGruy.  Black folks have lived with trauma on top of trauma on top of generational trauma on top of psychological and physical trauma for centuries.


Nonetheless, they lie and create narratives with hopes of covering up their crimes against the community and the HUMANITY of the living.  (Oh yeah, Black folks are living too.) They meaning cops and law enforcement agencies lie and get away with vilifying victims by pulling up dirt or past run-ins with law enforcement even when it has nothing to do with the event at hand.  They meaning cops and their PR representatives pander propaganda to media outlets with the hopes of gaining sympathy from people who are very much removed from cops who act under the guise of due diligence and use excessive force out of fear, against what it means to be unarmed and Black.

In the case of Mikel McIntyre, before the tragic murder, his mother called 911 for help and according to Sacramento County Sheriff his mental state was assessed and they decided against detaining him.  How significant is it that his family reached out for help and they were denied assistance.  By the way, there was more than one call to 911 on that deadly day.  When we speak of mental health and the Black community, we have to take into consideration that law enforcement doesn’t see Blacks as deserving of medical attention, especially when it is the question of one’s mental capacity. 

Black + Mental Crisis often times = drug issues or criminalization


This is what we know for sure, law enforcement reported he was choking a woman in a car, and said woman was his mother and she says…..NO that didn’t happen.

They said he was throwing rocks and they acknowledge that he was running away…..hence the question of him being a threat comes into play; as in the further distance Mikel got away from the officers, the less likely he was able to hurt anyone, IF (and that’s a big if) he was actually throwing rocks…..but his mother says that didn’t happen either.

Cassius Hudson, the mother of his child, said “He wasn’t a criminal, he wasn’t a thug, he wasn’t violent.  So I don’t understand.  But I know my son has no father because of the police.”

Attorney John Burris said, “An unarmed, mentally impaired person, running away, being shot in the back by one or more officers are criminal violations.”  So a federal lawsuit has been filed, alleging the family’s civil rights were violated because of a wrongful death at the hands of police.

Attorney Burris and his mother Brigett have echoed the need for fire and/or EMT instead of police in cases dealing with bizarre behavior and the need for cursory exams.  The reality is if they had done their job when dealing with Mikel’s mental impairment, he would be alive today.  It is important to know that asking a person in crisis “the day of the week and who the president is,” is not a cursory exam, especially when a person like Mikel was also saying things like, “My family is flying.”


The crux of the situation is reminiscent of the deaths of Joseph Mann, Dazion Flenaugh and Desmond Phillips all of whom were suffering mental breaks and were NOT ACTING VIOLENTLY, as in the case of Mikel McIntyre.  The question now becomes, what make cops above the law?  When is the use of force necessary or justifiable?  Black Lives Matter Sacramento have asked these questions too often, hence our protest at the Sacramento County District Attorney’s office since the death of Stephon Clark and showing up at Sacramento City Council meetings reminding our elected officials of their duty and responsibility to seek better policies for the officers who patrol the streets of Sacramento and interact with people of color in marginalized communities.

In Mikel McIntyre’s case, it has been over a year and we are just getting wind of a report from Inspector General Rick Braziel.  It is the Inspector General’s job to monitor the Sacramento County Sheriff department.  In his report, Rick Braziel even questions if the use of force was justified.  Also in the report are the names of the officers involved in MURDERING Mikel –

Gabriel Rodriguez, Ken Becker, and Jeffrey Wright

They collectively fired 29 shots at Mikel, while he was running away on Highway 50.  On May 8th a person passing by in a vehicle at the tail end of rush hour traffic captured a video clip and it shows a man being shot in the back.  So literally, any of those 29 shots could have easily hit someone in their vehicles as they traveled to and from their destinations on Highway 50.


Again, whose life was in immediate danger, other than Mikel’s and only after coming into contact with law enforcement?  And guess what, it has been over a year and still not a word from DA Anne Marie Schubert; whose office is responsible for reviewing officer-involved shootings.  Not only has she been silent on Mikel McIntyre’s case (and so many other cases), her office has yet to complete her investigation of the case and is not even close to doing so.  The blatant disregard for Black life is not a factor or hindrance in DA Schubert collecting a hefty paycheck on city, taxpayer dollars.  Keep in mind the DAs office “strives to complete officer-involved shooting reviews within 90 days after they receive all of the materials related to the investigation from the involved department.  Sounds like, the DA is pointing the finger at the Sacramento County Sheriff office, and this is typical of how DA offices and law enforcement agencies cover each other’s ass.  They are all complicit in the lack of justice, accountability, and transparency in this city/county.

At the end of the day, all Brigett McIntyre wants is justice for her only child.  With that being said, all this community wants is the ability to live free without being targeted, over-policed and criminalized for just living life.  And all BLM Sacramento wants is to ABOLISH & REBUILD, LIBERATION, HEALING JUSTICE, and REPARATIONS.  It is not too much to ask for officers to be #FiredChargedConvicted when they are found guilty of misconduct.  Instead what we get in Sacramento is a bunch of agencies that wash each other’s dirty laundry, with the hopes of the problem going away.  We are not going to let these cases be swept under the rug.  There will be no veil hiding the fact that they murder us and then they lie about it.


Please review several articles on Mikel McIntyre…..as his case deserves national attention too:




Mikel deserves all of us #SayingHisName

His mother and family deserve this community’s support, love, and care. 

We owe it to each other to stand in #SOLIDARITY, we deserve to be covered by one another. 

This community deserves HUMANITY and a shifting of the moral compass. 

Who will be brave and stand in Mikel’s place? 

Who will be tender enough to stand with and hold his mother close when the tears fall? 

Who will be courageous to say #EnoughIsEnough?


Pay Close Attention to Coming Events: at our BLM Sacramento Facebook Page

Sept 8th @ 6pm - Abolish & Rebuild - Our Streets, Our Systems, for Our People

Oct 21st @12noon - Black Love Block Party III