Black Lives Matter Sacramento Demands for the Sacramento Community Police Commission Board

We are aware that this board is mostly symbolic, and does not have the powers that a community advisory board should have when trying to make sure police departments are being transparent and held accountable; and we understand that those powers are granted by the Sacramento City Council.

This board does indeed have access to information, so Black Lives Matter Sacramento has a list of demands, to ensure that you are working to make this board an actual asset to our community.


I. We demand that the board create a website for the Sacramento Community Police Commission, that is easily accessible to the public

  • the website should include information on each of the board members, what role they fill on the board, and a way to contact each member.
  • the website should include meeting information and agenda
  • the website should include data regarding SacPD police shootings, the investigations following those shootings, and the end result of those investigations, in detail.
  • the website should include all solutions being proposed and implemented by SacPD, that move SacPD in the direction of transparency, police accountability.

II. We demand that the board pull and provide to the public, the racial makeup data of people arrested by Sacramento Police.

III. We demand that members of this board remain accountable to the community in their role on this board. You were put in place to ensure that the community has a voice.

  • Do your part in ensuring that you are promoting, and including the community in these board meetings, to ensure their voices are heard.
  • Do your part in making sure that the Sacramento Police, the very powers that you are here to hold accountable, don't have any say or powers in how this board conducts meetings or creates agendas. 
  • Do your part in speaking up on behalf of the community, without relying on the community to speak up first. You were selected as community leaders, it is important that you remain in that role while on this board.

IV. Lastly, we demand updates on the procedural justice trainings that the SacPD is supposed to be conducting, and we would like them in writing.

We want the report to include how SacPD is incorporating the community, and which community members are being included in this process.



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