Dear White People: Get Your Folx!

We usually don't gear our messaging to white folks but I had to share this gem with permission from Hannah Gladstone


I have a message and an opinion.

White people always want to help. Here's an idea:

Instead of trying to help communities of color focus on moving toward a paradigm where white people help other white people.

White poverty is real
White drug and sexual abuse is real
Uneducated whites are real
White violence is real

And do you know what all these problems are contributing to? White racism and the perpetuation of white supremacy.

And ill tell you what I'm sure as hell not doing that work. I've literally done so much work in white spaces already most people could never fucking imagine it.

One great way to support communities of color is focus on getting your people to stop being violent and hateful toward the demographics of people that needs the most protection. If people love themselves and care for themselves, we see a lot less of a reason to blame problems on others. Focusing on our own lives, our own problems and solutions is the idea here. POC are already doing this because there is a narrative for what's going on. The fact that there's no narrative for the problems of white people is holding us back from tackling those problems.

Right the fuck here in America there are a shit ton of crazy white people and a lot of them have also been ignored by the system and conviently also taught to support and uphold it.

Just take a minute with that. If you are a white person with a conscience, or one that wants to help with this social disaster called America, take some serious steps in a direction to redefine whiteness. The majority of the people in this country are white. Even if we are put all our energy into supporting POC, we would still be having a white shitshow that needs to be shut down through some amount of support, love, education-- the types of things the government is clearly not providing to anyone. Only problem is that when large groups of white people Don't have these things they build mulishas and continue taking meth and hurting people.

Questions that require more work from poc to answer are discouraged but thoughtful dialogue can happen here. Or you can shut the fuck up and just do something about it.



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