Corrupt AF

Lately (or maybe not-so-lately), police in this region are showing how corrupt they are – they’re getting so encouraged and gutsy that they don’t even have to hide it. They are so blatant with their lies and ambiguity, and they get away with all of it. With recent murders, tragedies, heinous injustices and unethical behavior, local law enforcement agencies never cease to show their true colors, and individual officers continue to walk away untouched by the “justice” system, not reprimanded by their supervisors, and not having to answer to their community.

Armani Lee

On February 10, 2017, Armani Lee was brutalized by Sac PD and is now locked up in Sacramento County Jail. The story that floods the media and press releases from Sac PD are inaccurate and fuzzy. What we do know is that Armani was shot by undercover cops, left on the ground to die, and law enforcement contacted his family to report that he had died. Armani was eventually taken to the hospital, has had multiple surgeries, and has been incarcerated since this incident. He is currently using a wheelchair while in Sacramento County Jail. After much battle from the community to get a policy passed for the timely release of footage of officer-involved shootings, Sac PD finally released videos from the Armani Lee shooting What you will see is that all the videos released start AFTER Armani Lee was shot by Sac PD. Perfect scenario: cops get to continue to tell their story (their lies), paint the victim as a “perpetrator”, and control exactly what the public gets to see and hear.

Show up!! Armani needs our presence for court support! #FreeArmaniLee #Justice4ArmaniLee


Lorenzo Cruz

On February 25, 2017, Rocklin Police Department shot and killed Lorenzo Cruz, just 23 years young, an honors student with high dreams and ambitions. All three officers who shot and killed Lorenzo conveniently had their body cams turned off. We know there was an incident involving an armed retired cop just before Lorenzo Cruz was shot and killed. On the 911 call, shots are fired before law enforcement even arrives. This incident in itself is so fishy that it makes one wonder if Rocklin Police are covering for the retired cop? Where was this second “crime” scene? And why did the cops conveniently have their body cams off?


Sac PD Underground

The content on this page is racist, violent, and targets mostly black leaders in our community. It is evident by its content and knowledge of information that this “underground” page is being anonymously run by city employees or people intricately connected to the city. The City of Sacramento has a clear policy for its employees’ personal use of social media. City officials are erring on the side of “Freedom of Speech” even though the City of Sacramento has a specific policy directly telling employees this: “Keep in mind that if your conduct on social media platforms adversely affects your job performance or the performance of your co-workers is detrimental to the mission and function of the City, or otherwise adversely affects members of the public served by the City, people who work on behalf of the City, or the City’s legitimate business interests, the City may take disciplinary action against you, up to and including termination.” Here's some examples of anti-black racism and targeting local black leaders:

 FullSizeRender-6.jpg   FullSizeRender-7.jpg   FullSizeRender-8.jpg

Yet City officials are not using this policy to investigate this page or enforce any discipline on city employees who are openly participating on this public Facebook group. Furthermore, the policy also states, “Public safety officers are ‘classic positions of public trust’ and are held to a higher standard than most other public employees.” Riiiiiiiight. Because we see that higher standard so much. Here are some examples of (what seems like) city employees’ activity on this page:

FullSizeRender-2.jpg  FullSizeRender-3.jpg       FullSizeRender-4.jpg

It sure seems like people above are representing the City in some way, speaking about confidential information (responding to a call while on duty or experiences of being on duty), perpetuating anti-blackness, and speaking terribly to people in the community (inviting a community member to apply to Sac PD then calling him names). This sure seems like enough to enforce the city policy for its employees' use on personal social media.


What is consistent in all these stories and situations is that there are tons of apparent lies and missing or incomplete information! And these lies get medals – literally! These lies get passes – literally! These lies make the victim into a “perpetrator” or a “suspect” rather than the system itself that perpetuates abuse and slavery.  These lies send no remorse to the mothers of these babies who they take.

When folks fought for more transparency and accountability, we meant that we wanted to see the actual footage of incidents where cops shot people. When we fought for body cams on all cops, we meant that we wanted them ON at all times. This is exactly what reform does… it gives police more loopholes to work around. It gives us, the people, the community, a false sense that we have more insight and power. We should be working to take away power from police, not give them more power. DON'T REFORM THE SYSTEM. ABOLISH THE SYSTEM.

The whole system is corrupt and guilty! Yes, ALL law enforcement agencies. Yes, ALL cops. Yes, all district attorneys. Yes, all cities’ council members. Yes, all boards of supervisors. There is no good representative of an unjust system that continues to enslave and murder black people in every way possible. Freedom does not ring in this city, in this area, in this state, in this country. The blood is on your hands, City Manager Chan, Mayor Steinberg, Chief Louie, DA Schubert, and the list goes on.


Join BLM Sacramento:

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