Calling Out Anti-Blackness

Anti-blackness exists in various social justice movements, conversations and causes. We MUST call it out when we see it happening.


Anti-blackness is….

Unhoused black folks getting killed by police, and the conversation is centered on issues of housing and homelessness.

Police killing black folks experiencing a mental health crisis, and the conversation becomes about lack of access to mental healthcare, or the need to train law enforcement on mental illness.

Black trans women getting murdered in the streets, and the conversation is focused on transphobia.

We MUST center race in all of these issues. We know that police don’t typically kill white unhoused folks. We know that police can manage when a white person is experiencing a mental health crisis. We know that white transwomen are not being murdered in the streets.


When Desmond Phillips was killed by Chico Police Dept two weeks ago, we heard the narrative shifting to a conversation about mental health services instead of it being about race. Because you know, white people are more likely to respond to a conversation on mental health than to respond to a conversation about racism. We know Chico is a predominantly white community, where cops respond to mental health concerns ALL THE TIME. No white person with a mental health concern has ever been killed in Chico by police. The community has been quick to rescue the white police officers who killed Desmond Phillips. “They feel so bad.” “They are really sorry.” “They are shaken up.” Blah blah blah.  Time and time again, white feelings are placed over black lives. THIS IS ANTI-BLACKNESS.



Join us!

Press Conference for Lorenzo Cruz, Thursday 4/6 at 10:30am at Rocklin Police Department. Check out the Facebook event for more details:


Soul Skate for Dazion! Saturday 4/8 from 6-9pm at Simmons Community Center. Free admission! Free music! Come dance and skate with us to celebrate the life of Dazion Flenaugh, whose life was taken by Sac Police Department. Visit the Facebook event for more info:


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