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  • Saturday, February 17, 2018 at 12:00 PM · 79 rsvps
    Unitarian Universalist Society of Sacramento (UUSS)

    Freedom DAY: Freedom School Special Session for Black Families



    ***FREE EVENT, Includes lunch. RSVP required, click link to register and claim your spot!***

    What if black communities could control the education that their children receive?

    On February 17, 2018...

    For Black Families- the whole family! 

    Come share your thoughts and talk to experienced education advocates about:

    --Your educational rights
    --Resources specifically for black families in Sacramento County schools
    --An equity plan being developed in Elk Grove, and
    --Ethnic Studies, already in Sac City and potentially coming to Elk Grove… possibly even the whole state

    We need your WHOLE family there! We have activities to include your students and childcare for your babies

    This is a free event, and lunch will be provided. Arrive as early as 11:00 for lunch.

    RSVP by February 10 in order to guarantee your seat (100 seats available)

  • Saturday, March 03, 2018 at 06:00 PM · 50 rsvps
    Arden Arcade Public Library in Sacramento, CA

    Whose Streets? Our Streets! Alternatives to Police!


    Time to set goals for the new year- we want to ACTIVATE Sac ATP in 2018. 

    We are now in steam roller mode, and expect to have active response options available in Sacramento in 2018. Come help us build it! We need folks who can join a small but steady group of consistent builders in the areas of family support, emergency support, disability justice, and copwatch. Copwatch is our most developed group- learn more on their website:

    NEXT MEETING: March 3, 2018
    No Police Allowed
    No Politicians or Staffers Allowed
    No Media Allowed

    We've got some seriously talented and creative people in the room- join us and let's build some REAL community safety in Sacramento. 


    Join us in the last stage before Community Alternatives goes live, TBD early 2018. Finally, we will be able to STOP RELYING ON THE POLICE WHEN ALL THEY DO IS KILL OR CRIMINALIZE US!

    We are over-policed.
    We are not treated with dignity and respect in the neighborhoods we grew up in.

    They come into our neighborhoods and WE NO LONGER HAVE A SAFE SPACE.

    We are criminalized when we AREN'T EVEN BREAKING LAWS!#NandiCain

    !They treat our families like criminals when they inflict harm on us.
    !They treat our families like criminals when others inflict harm on us.

    What does it look like when we take it upon ourselves to protect our communities from the police, while maintaining actual peace in our communities?

    What does it look like when we take it upon ourselves to de-escalate situations the right way. While keeping dignity and respect for the folks we live, grow, and build with?!

    What does it look like when we care for, instead of criminalize, those without homes or those with mental challenges?

    Let's talk about it as a community. 

    We can build a structure that helps to end all violence on Black folks.

    Let's take our STREETS back!

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