Abolishing White Supremacy

Take a deep breath and bring your focus back to what matters—Black liberation. Sit with this awhile. Envision the community you would surround yourself with, the joy you would feel as all Black people—and by extension all people—were valued and grew into the beautiful possibilities that each of us hold free from any binds of oppression. Embrace this image close to your heart, because we are going to need these collective dreamscapes to fuel what is coming and what has always been.

When our streets run with the blood of Black bodies killed by law enforcement sworn to protect and serve, when our communities are lined with unhoused folks being harassed for surviving extreme poverty, when our courtroom & jails are overflowing with Black & Brown bodies funneled into cages whose doors never really open, when our schools teach “tolerance” even as they force out Black children from their classrooms, when it is easier to self-medicate than it is to find adequate health care, and when our housing is so expensive and unstable that developers become the only profiteers of our labor, we need to acknowledge that white supremacy is not even remotely new. Thousands of torch-wielding nazis shouldn’t be necessary for you to be outraged. The atrocity of Black death has been institutionalized for centuries from enslavement to the Prison Industrial Complex. #thishasALWAYSbeenus.

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Updates About Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones

Scott Jones, we don’t want you!


Scott Jones is an elected official. He is supposed to represent and serve the community.


Instead, he is detaining undocumented immigrants (and getting paid hella money for it by the federal government).


Instead, he is attacking black leaders.


Instead, he is running an inhumane county jail, where Armani Lee (among others) continue to be abused and degraded.


Instead, his staff is getting away with killing unarmed black people.


He is not serving our community -- he is HARMING our community. He has not been held accountable for any of this. And now, he has been so encouraged by the lack of accountability from his superiors that he has taken it to another level.

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Important Updates From Your Local Abolitionists

First off, Sacramento, we need you to show up. You gotta hear this… it is vital to our liberation that YOU join us in this fight. We need YOU. We need your family. We need your friends. We need your neighbors. And here’s why….

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Our Demands to the Sacramento Sheriff for Mikel McIntyre, Patricia Hill, and Ryan Ellis

Here is the letter of demands sent to our elected sheriff Scott Jones 

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Black Liberation: Justice for Nandi Cain, Jr.

Black liberation is based on the promise of a time and space in which Black lives thrive, not despite, but because of existing social conditions. These conditions have historically been and are currently so violent, so traumatizing, and so dehumanizing that only the power and magic of a deep love of self, family, and community could possibly battle against the immense terror of a white supremacist state. This movement then, can only be fueled by massive, unrelenting love. In practice, this looks likes people collectively banning together to love and support each other as we would our own children, own mothers, own loved ones.

Black Lives Matter Sacramento advocates for Nandi Cain, Jr. through the horror that was committed against him on 4/10/2017 by the Sacramento Police and Sheriff’s Departments, and is dedicated to demanding not only accountability for the agencies and officers involved, but also restorative justice for the trauma he has and will continue to endure.

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Corrupt AF

Lately (or maybe not-so-lately), police in this region are showing how corrupt they are – they’re getting so encouraged and gutsy that they don’t even have to hide it. They are so blatant with their lies and ambiguity, and they get away with all of it. With recent murders, tragedies, heinous injustices and unethical behavior, local law enforcement agencies never cease to show their true colors, and individual officers continue to walk away untouched by the “justice” system, not reprimanded by their supervisors, and not having to answer to their community.

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Who Does the Blue Code of Silence Protect, Other Than Those Who Wear Blue?

Day by day, week by week, month and year the fight for social justice continues when the men and women who put on their blue uniforms under the guise of “To Protect and Serve” reverberates in corruption. The false promise of the POLICE to Protect and Serve.......looks good on paper, websites, badges and the side of police cars.....but in reality law enforcement is protecting and serving the money and politics of white supremacy, white privilege and white fragility.  With that being said, that makes every black, brown and non-white officer NOTHING BUT A TOOL FOR THE SYSTEM.  


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Black Liberation: Justice for Armani Lee

“Until the story of the hunt is told by the lion, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.” –African Proverb

Anti-Blackness is deep in our city, and the Sacramento institutions that hold power over Black lives consistently try to tell the story of diversity and unity while simultaneously silencing Black voices. We are NOT a world-class city committed to racial and social justice—despite the deceitfulness that falls from of lips of our leaders. We are instead locked in terror of the hunt—watching Black bodies bleed out in what should be our streets, watching Black minds being railroaded by racist law enforcement and held captive in our filthy jail cells, watching young people navigate anti-Blackness in our very own school-to-prison-pipeline, and watching as white supremacy steals not only Black lives, but rewrites the story to gaslight and criminalize those fighting to survive. The lion, tho…

Her roar, unwaveringly loud and centuries deep, has already cracked the foundation of these institutions of violence. She is now calling her siblings to her side, and when they surround the hunter they will reclaim their own, unlock the jail cell, and dismantle the classroom. This is the story that is being written right now.

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Pride: Never Forget the Roots!

June marks Pride Month, which is a time for many queer and transgender people to visibly celebrate and embrace the many things that make us unique, beautiful and brilliant. Many would attribute the Stonewall Riots of 1969 as a pivotal event in queer and transgender history. These riots stemmed from police brutality and harassment. Transgender women of color led the protests and riots of Stonewall, Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera. At the roots of Pride is a radical movement of resistance.


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Disrespectful AF!

I have a serious questions to all of our readers.  You don’t have to respond or even have the answer now but let it be something you think about during your week, when the videos of black bodies being targeted show up on your timeline.  Why is it ok for people to look at this movement and question the fight rather than look at the systems we are fighting and question the system?  When did fighting for black people to be treated with dignity and respect become a revolution?   


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