The Dishonest and Unethical Behavior of SacPD and the California Peace Officers Association

In January of 2017, Mayor Steinberg demanded that all Sacramento police officers get crisis intervention training, in response to the police murder of Dazion Flenaugh and Joseph Mann.

Our dollars paid for this training and no one ensured that the CIT was carried out how it was supposed to be, per the mayors public demand.


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We Built This Shit, Run Me My Money REPARATIONS NOW

We Built This Shit, Run Me My Money



The cost a nation must pay because it was built on slavery and racism.  Historically speaking, slavery launched what is known as modern day capitalism and ultimately turned America into the wealthiest country in the world.  Slavery did that.  The enslavement of Africans and African descendants, who were forced to work for free is what America’s foundation is built upon.  These stolen BLACK bodies deeply embedded in gross manipulation and systematic torture, where approximately 100 million stolen PEOPLE were shuffled throughout the world…..for sale to the highest bidder.  Black Holocaust, a strategic game, like chess where white became RIGHT and all others were losers, wrong, ¾ human and relegated to being less than.

Some might say we need to OCCUPY, DISMANTLE AND RECTIFY all that has been left behind from slavery.  While others say REPARATIONS will provide financial compensation for slavery and the dirty residue that guides all of our existence to this day.  Everything American is based on slavery and no matter how much we reverberate positive thoughts about why Black Lives Matter, the truth is the truth….slavery, Black bodies, hypocrisy rules everything and the whole damn system is guilty as hell. I am reminded of the 1993 rap classic by Wu-Tang Clan, CREAM…. “cash rules everything around me, CREAM, get the money, dollar dollar bill y’all.”  We cannot talk about the big LIES that have historically been fed to Black communities and other communities of colored folks since the beginning of America’s inceptions, without talking about SLAVERY.  At the end of the day, it hasn’t matter up to this point, even when we exhibit:

Knowledge of self….

Black Pride

African greatness

Melanin power or

Black excellence

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Sacramento City Council is Anti-Black

“They attack the victim, and then the criminal who attacked the victim accuses the victim of attacking him. This is American justice. This is American democracy and those of you who are familiar with it know that in America democracy is hypocrisy.”

--Malcolm X

It really doesn’t matter who sits on Sacramento City Council—they stay anti-Black as fuck.

It really doesn’t matter who testifies to Sacramento City Council—they stay anti-Black as fuck.

It really doesn’t matter who educates Sacramento City Council—they stay anti-Black as fuck.

…but it does matter who shuts their charade down, who exposes their hypocrisy, who demands something entirely new. From this we can build.

We are not asking for equity from an institution built within a framework of white supremacy and racial terrorism. Please. We are on the arduous path toward liberation, and if along the way that means airing the dirty laundry of our supposed “progressive” local government, then by all means, let wash day be upon us.

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We Are Taking What's Ours



What do you think BLM Sacramento does exactly? Do you think we just shut down public intersections and chant to get news coverage? Do you think we are just here for attention? Let me help you answer those questions. We are here for change and aren’t setting for shit less. Without agitations without news coverage, we don’t get our story out and the masses only have bullshit one sided stories to depend on. Ignorance is not bliss, it’s dangerous and we refuse to have shit shoved down our throats. We are challenging the entities that have be ruling without boundaries for a while and calling them out for the stuff people have been afraid to discuss.

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Right now, the Sheriff department is the only oversight to the Sheriff Department.


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A History of Violence: Sacramento Sheriff's Department

Under the guidance and nominal mentorship of Scott Jones, the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department has repeatedly shown a history of violence.  

Adriene Ludd was shot at 59 times, suffering 13 bullet wounds in October 2015 by three Sheriff deputies. David McEntire who had killed a pastor’s son in their family home in 2012 was one of the deputies who fired on Ludd. Deputy Benjamin Green also discharged his weapon at Ludd who was lying on the ground. Deputy Troy Mohler also unapologetically “started blasting” at Ludd. Adriene never had a chance. 

In November of 2016, Edward Currie died at Sacramento County Jail while under the Sheriff’s supervision. The official cause of death, according to the Sheriff, is a seizure, but it’s hard to explain how a 31 year old Black man without a history of seizures suddenly dies of one the night of his arrest. 

Armani Lee was shot by Sac PD in February of 2017, but while in County Jail he continues to suffer abuse at the hands of the Sheriff. Sheriff deputies repeatedly taunt, threaten, place Lee in solitary confinement, and physically harass Lee who is still recovering from bullet wounds. 

Ryan Ellis was visiting family when he was arrested uneventfully by two Sacramento Sheriff deputies for an alleged restraining order violation. Five hours later, on May 6th, he was admitted to the hospital for fatal head trauma. He never made it to the jail. We still don’t know the names of the deputies involved. 

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This Ain't Justice

SacPD officers hunted Joseph Mann down in July 2016.

Not only did they discuss hitting him with their vehicle, it was actually encouraged (you can hear the disturbing exchange via the dashcam video) before they finally gunned him down in North Sacramento where eighteen bullets ripped through his flesh.

A little over four hundred fifty plus days days later (fifteen months) Sac PD has completed it's internal investigation. The information shared with the public is cause for minimal celebration at best, both officer's are "no longer employed" with the department. They shared this information with the implication that these officers somehow are no longer there because they were punished for their actions. They expect us to be moved by this, as if this is one step forward. This is nice, but this is not justice.


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We've Been Starved For Attention…..I Bet You’re Wondering Who’s Paying Attention?


It was Saturday, October 7th when we took the streets yet again, reminding law enforcement “whose streets.......our streets.”  But it’s bigger than reverberating the power of the people united, it is about results and at the end of the day the Sheriff’s department ain’t showing us no love.  The way the law enforcement thinks they can ignore request of the community is dumb-founding and mind blowing.  It’s just another notch in their belt that the Black community is on a starvation diet with no love or respect, hence why we showed up on Stockton Blvd in the heart of Oak Park.  The biggest joy was filling in voids where neglect had set in; folks coming out of their homes cheering us on and joining the march.  Kids on bikes and skateboards rolling, care free through streets that everyday remind them and all of us that we aren’t a factor, except when it comes to over-policing Sacramento’s Black neighborhoods.  This ain’t a game, this is about life and death.

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Own it, Be Proud of it, Protect it!

This fight. The fight for liberation. The fight to free ourselves from oppressive systems. The fight for justice for those currently suffering in these systems, is never ending and certainly not for the lighthearted. 


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Your Racist Distractions Are Nothing to Us: Our Fight is for Justice


The fuel for this movement lives in both the pain, sorrow, and violence of being stolen by law enforcement, incarcerated for Black existence, and traumatized by white supremacist capitalist systems that feed on Black poverty and death—as well as—the bliss, magic, and opportunity that we know develops when we love, uplift, and put our hope in Black people, ALL Black people.

This movement is driven by the loss of loved ones. There can be no distractions from that. We aren’t here for your lies and rhetoric, never, we want justice for those taken and a joyful future for those not yet created. They live in our dreams, beat in our hearts as we march, and lift our heads from a slumber of denial when we think we cannot go on facing such danger while attacking a system consumed by and created for Black subjugation.

Sacramento, your alarm clock has been ringing.

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