Response To SN&R Editor's Note - January 20, 2018

Eric Johnson and SN&R, inadequately mentioned Tanya Faison and Black Lives Matter Sacramento in an their latest effort to wipe the slate of their anti-blackness. The fact of the matter is BLM Sacramento, Tanya Faison and others are putting their lives on the line, and are literally target practice for those who perpetuate institutionalized racism and anti-blackness in this town.

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Humane Is Not Radical


What do we want?  This is a simple question.  When tangled with all the different ways to get what we want it might come off as complicated, but it really is simple.  We want our Black lives to be liberated. We want freedom.  The thought of Black people attaining liberation is considered radical.  Seems crazy, eh?  The fact that wanting proper living situations, policy, representation, and healthcare for all Black people (woman, man, trans-gender, trans-sexual, queer, etc.) should not seem out of reach or radical.  It should not be “out of the ordinary” when we come for these things.  Seeing footage of a cop blatantly shooting at a Black person should not be ordinary and asking for a cop to be charged for killing an innocent Black person should not be radical.  These are our rights.  We are human. Needing to fight to be recognized as such is the ONLY thing that should be considered “out of the ordinary”.

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This was NOT the Dream!

What these last four years of resistance against state terrorism and all other forms of institutional anti-Blackness has taught me, is that nothing is new. NOTHING is new. BLM has arisen like the phoenix from birds still flying. We have simply been robbed of our collective histories of resistance. They have been buried, white-washed, sanitized, or concealed altogether by white supremacist forces that know that their only hope is to co-opt our resistance and sterilize our rage. Fuck them. They don’t own Martin—just as they will NEVER own BLM.

Martin is not theirs.

Martin is radical.

Martin is collectivism.

Martin is anti-capitalistic.

Martin is anti-imperialist.

Martin is pro-Black.

Martin is RECLAIMED!

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Whose Paper?

Responding to the community Raheem Hosseini wrote:

These are valid questions that are bigger than me or this one story. To me, they’re also a sign that people know this newspaper belongs to them, not us. I’m grateful to those who are sharing their truths and demanding that we remain a platform for those who need us most. I hope they continue to do so.”

In his 12/21/2017 editor’s note, “Hearing Your Truth” (here), a follow up to his earlier

“Confessions Of A Killer Cop” piece.

He closed his note with this sentence:

“It may be my job to listen, but it’s my honor to hear you.”


Hear this: SN&R is doing a terrible job. Y’all aren’t listening. You don’t hear us. You don’t feel us.

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There Comes a Time, When a Good Dragging is Necessary - SN&R Gone Learn…if not today, real soon!!!

There Comes a Time When a Good Dragging is Necessary -

SN&R Gone Learn.....If Not Today, Real Soon!!!


I am trying my best to hold my tongue and anchor my cool each and every day of my life, because I know like so many others know being Black in Sacramento, and in California, and in America and the world comes with an extremely heavy burden.  The burden is often times the compromising of one's soul and for others it is literally and figuratively a matter of life and death.  Let me spell out murder in an anti-black world for is spelled















SN&R are you serious journalist or complicit agents of the state, who sanctions terroristic acts of violence on the community?  Answer that question in your next staff meeting or make concerted efforts to train your staff on what it means to participate in implicit bias behaviors that harm the greater community, while perpetuating the continuation of negative race relations.

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Sacramento's Anti-Black Media and the Erasing of Black Pain & Resistance

“If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

― Malcolm X

Sacramento News and Review just gave their cover story to a murderer, so he can “unburden” himself. Raheem Hosseini used Joseph Mann and his family as background scenery for a bullshit cautionary tale about bad apple policing and omitted the very real struggle of local Black freedom fighters to end the constant river of Black death onto our Sacramento streets.

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Public Statement Regarding Sheriff Scott Jones

December 13, 2017

Black Lives Matter Sacramento is greatly disappointed by Sheriff Scott Jones’s leaking of a legislative audit report that he was the subject of and informed of, before the report was to be publicly released. To blur the rule of law he claims to uphold- and has also been educated in- is not upholding the scope of practice for a law enforcement officer, let alone one in leadership. We are disappointed, but frankly, we are not surprised.

In a live media spot with Fox40, Jones says, “I like being transparent, so the more information I can get out, the better.”


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Put Some Respect On Our Name



I will be the first to say Black Lives Matter Sacramento is not taken seriously at times, well at least not politically, obviously since we can step up to our city council and produce evidence that their precious Law Enforcement Agency is blowing our money with no accountability (shout out to city council by the way acting like they give a fuck while accepting thousands of money for Law Enforcement Agencies, we know who they serve). I mean I can’t speak for everyone but I know for myself I believe this provides us with an advantage.  They underestimate our competence and drive but we will always come through with thorough research to expose these crooked ass systems.

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Good Evening - My name is Christine Feenstra and I am resident of the city of Sacramento and up until June of this year, I served as Training Manager for the California Peace Officers Association. I am here to respectfully request that you as the City Council and Chief Hahn review the CIT courses that half of the Sac PD participated in via CPOA.
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For Police, Crisis Intervention is a Gun

Mayor Steinberg got close to $750,000 approved so Sacramento PD could do 40 hours of Crisis Intervention Training. 

But according to Christine Feenstra, a CPOA staff member during this period, Mark Coopwood invented a CIT course at CPOA in order to receive that money. The classes were incomplete and did not fulfill all of the CIT end-goals. At this point a large portion of that money has been handed to the CPOA. 

SPD is preemptively sending out media releases about how its officers are almost completely done with the training. Their management doesn't even know these trainings were insufficient and underdeveloped. But we know, according to CPOA staff, that the officers mentioned never completed 40 hours of training. Even if it says they did so on paper. 


We want answers.


Who provided the training? (Because one of the trainers walked out in the middle of week one.)

What were the list of course objectives covered and the learning techniques employed to achieve them?

Where and when was that training provided?

How many hours did the attendees complete?

How many officers attended the training?

How many officers completed the training?

How many officers didn’t complete the training?

How many officers didn’t attend the training at all?

Where did police officers do their 10 hours of onsite visitation of mental health facilities?

What are the consequences for any SPD officers and their supervisors for leaving any aspect of this training incomplete?

If any SPD officers didn’t attend the training is SPD going to pay back the taxpayers?

We’re pretty sure that CPOA isn’t handing any of that money back to City Council. 


There's more to the whole story.

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