Building As We Dismantle!

Tuesday was glorious at the Board of Supervisor’s meeting, best holiday gift of the season! Watching the arrogant face of Sheriff Scott Jones as he listened to community member after community member wholeheartedly discredit him for refusing ANY oversight of the Sacramento Sheriff’s department, and then have the Board UNANIMOUSLY vote against him to strengthen the Inspector General’s independent oversight of officer involved shootings and in-custody deaths was a triumph—an incredibly vital one. We treasure these moments, we must, because “speaking truth to power” in institutions of white supremacy typically leaves us winded. Our glee is tempered, though, with the larger understanding that “oversight” is always AFTER people have already been killed, after the trauma is inflicted both on the individual and disproportionally on Black and Brown Sacramento communities. Oversight is harm reduction, and while we are wildly here for pompous, fascist, racist sheriffs getting checked up one side and down the other, bottom line, we’d rather no sheriffs at all. Our greater path is abolition.

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On November 30th 2018, Black Lives Matter Sacramento heard and saw several Sacramento Police Department vehicles speed past with sirens and lights on.

Black Lives Matter Sacramento listened to police scanners to learn that police were in pursuit of a Black adult male hiding in various back yards in the Meadowview neighborhood on streets Putnam Way and Cranston Way. 6 police vehicles upon arrival.


live video of incident:

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Political Pacifist or Radical Revolutionary

"Yeah, everybody got choices!"  Y'all know how it goes, right!?
"You with the people or the pigs?!" Yeah, brotha Brrazey Liberty said it!
Now, what ya gon do is the question?  I'm very definitive about my choices.  Once I've made a decision, I don't waver.  In the fight for liberation you betta "stay ready"!  It's popular to celebrate and be generally excited about Black Folxs succeeding in politics.  This last election cycle abounded with small victories.  Then again, what did or will these individual triumphs do for the liberation of all Black Folxs?
I've noticed that a lot of folxs on social media are all hyped about this or that candidate or who checked the demon in Cheif lately.  But, when it's time for revolution work are y'all gonna be the question that remains?  I won't be petty and take this opportunity to lash out at those who stay tweeting, sharing quotes, articles or pictures of national media highlights, but when urged to come through or send someone to our efforts at local liberation they ain't feeling it.  Leaving us wondering if, whose down with BLM Sacramento and the real liberation of Black folx?
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November 20, 2018

Today District Attorney Ann Marie Schubert, found the Sacramento Sheriff deputies justified in their murder of Mikel McIntyre.

This was a decision she made following the Office of Inspector General and oversight for our Sheriff department Rick Braziel, found the murder of Mikel McIntyre "excessive" and that officers had no reason to fear for their life therefore it was not justified.

Black Lives Matter Sacramento thinks that the District Attorneys response was unfortunately expected, but extremely disappointing.


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#WhereYouAtSac.....Resistance is the Foundation of LIBERATION

While everyone claims to be conscious about the seriousness of this movement for BLACK LIBERATION and how important each collective moment requires MORAL WITNESSES to build the foundation of CHANGE.....we need to gauge where Sacramento is in this moment of shared trauma and anguish?  Because since March 18, 2018, when thousands of folks flooded the streets in the aftermath of Stephon’s murder, standing in SOLIDARITY for justice has seemingly dwindled, to say the least.  After approximately 14 days straight of protest in the streets, it has gone from masses to handfuls.  The "tap in" has been a "tap out" and your energy is essential to keeping the pressures on the powers that be; so as a community we can claim #Justice4StephonClark.


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Sheriff So Fragile...

Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones is the worst kind of fragile. His actions are based on increasing his unilateral power over Sacramento lives, and his reactions are based on his glass ego. He is our baby-Trump, a nationalistic toddler who tantrums when his citizens demand greater transparency or accountably, but is all too willing to deny us even the most basic equity in policing.

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Demands for the Murder of Darell Richards by the Sacramento Police Department

Upon the release of the video of the murder of 19 year old Darell Richards, by the Sacramento Police Departments SWAT team…

…the video released that showed no evidence of Darell Richards having a gun, pointing a gun, or even walking from Broadway and 17th to 21st street and 2nd avenue…

the family of Darell Richards, along with Black Lives Matter Sacramento has demands:


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We must save ourselves

It is up to us to save ourselves & our city from state sponsored terror in all of it’s forms. You, me and whomever else’s eyes this happens to come across. People power is real, there is substantial strength in numbers, really, all you have to do is show up and everything else will come naturally. I assure you there is space for you in this movement.

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An Activist Believes in Justice Now

To be an activist is an incredible journey. Now that I have embarked upon my "sojourner," I must understand the quest. We seek out the truth, define ourselves and fight for freedom. Right now. An activist thrives on immediacy. We can not wait for respect or recognition. We make demands and expect them to be met. Right now.
WHO WE might ask? We are unrelenting and determined. "For my people," we will fight you and we will win! It's not hyperbole. It's a promise. A promise that we have made to our ancestors, our elders, our children and youth, and babies unborn. Ase!
But how to move in this movement is ultimately a meditation.....deliberate, well-thought out and with great intention.
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Actions Speak Louder Than Words - #GameRecognizeGame

When the work is constant, you look up and see 3 year flash before your eyes and wonder where did the time go and how on this green earth could so many Black and unarmed, or Black and suffering mental illness or just Black have been taken from their families and this community?  That’s a good question.  The reality is, in the 3 years Black Live Matter Sacramento has been a chapter there isn’t a shortage of fights and people stolen at the hands of state-sanctioned violence by law enforcement or otherwise. 


Before October of 2015, InciteInsight had been making noise around the issue of state-sanctioned violence by law enforcement after the murder of Trayvon Martin.  See, the truth of the matter is, it didn’t matter if Trayvon’s death wasn’t directly at the physical hands of law enforcement, because systematically the state sanctions the death of Black people with little consequence regardless who causes the death.  So, when white men like George Zimmerman murder and claim self-defense, the protection of his innocence is hardly ever questioned and often times perpetuates the very system that sees no value in protecting Black life.

But it all started with #AdrieneLudd, on October 22, 2015…..


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