The Mountain Top

When Dr. King gave his last speech the night before he was murdered, he made what many have considered a prophetic pronouncement. I believe that it was more an acknowledgement of his mortality and more importantly his need at that critical moment to reassure his people.


I have watched the clip of Dr. King delivering this speech over and over. I always shed tears. I shed those tears not because I know that he will be stolen from us the next day but because of the enormous love he had for his people and the conviction he had in the ultimate victory of Black people.


These are the words he spoke: "Well, I don't know what will happen now. We've got some difficult days ahead. But it really doesn't matter with me now, because I've been to the mountaintop. And I don't mind. Like anybody, I would like to live a long life. Longevity has its place. But I'm not concerned about that now. I just want to do God's will. And He's allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I've looked over. And I've seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the promised land!"

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Get Your False Flag Out Of My Face



When a black man takes a knee to shed light on police brutality in the black community is seen as disrespectful to the flag, but when an actual flag is defaced and stripped of color and left with a single blue stripe to match a job description that’s ok because white people say it is.

When our marches for the dead stop traffic we are met with contempt, road rage, and death threats, but their funeral processions do the same and we should just respect it because of an occupation.

When we are expected to remain calm and collected on the receiving end of violence in high stress situations stemming from the fear of the color of our skin, but they are not held to the same standard as the trained professionals and perceived as more human than we are because of a uniform.

When their murderers have white skin they are deemed “mentally ill” without any type of verification, but if we are murdered in the midst of a full-on mental health episode we are not afforded the same and often hit with “play stupid games, win stupid prizes” because how could a person of color possibly have mental health issues?

When they are automatically turned into heroes upon their demise, but I have to explain to my daughter all the evil things they will surely say about me in the event I am killed during a routine traffic stop, or merely walking home at night.

Yes this is what equality looks like from here.

When they ask for compassion and sympathy and tell them to fuck all the way off.

Try defending and supporting folks of color the way you defend and support cops.

Stop demanding humanity from people who have it stripped away anytime the thin blue line is called into question.

And get your false fucking flag out of my face. If you respected and gave a shit about this country and the people who make it up...then you would

Black Lives Won't Be Derailed

Blue is the color of a uniform, not a person. Blue is a choice, not forcible oppression. Blue is a job, and the phrase “blue lives matter” is simply a racist, reactionary clapback to the very real human rights struggle of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Police terror is a daily stressor for Black and Brown Americans. In our own city, we have watched on repeat unarmed Black men be murdered when less lethal force most assuredly would have been used on a white community member. We watch predominately Black and economically repressed communities being patrolled excessively as community services disappear and community members find themselves caught up in the criminal justice system with very little way out. With excessive police authoritarianism comes excessive force, and we get calls daily from people traumatized by their interactions with law enforcement. The Black Lives Matter movement was created to address these inequities by dismantling the existing violent structures and creating more just and humane ways of caring for our communities. This can only be done by targeting white supremacy and toxic masculinity which are the pillars of both our current criminal justice system AND the violent crime that they claim to contest.

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Fahlalala, Merry Melanin, Happy Kwanzaa, Power to the People!! What y'all got for me? I'ma need some things so I'll be set for this new year. Nah, it don't cost nothing; what you have to give to me. Your worth is not determined by how much money you make. You are the gold. I am rich because I know, respect and honor my people. What y'all have, I need!

Ooh whee!! Did we make it to the end of this year y'all?! I'm just checking real quick! Have I told y'all lately, I love you? Black Folxs! I love y'all! Yep, unapologetically, unconditionally, like my life depends on it, deeply without shame or hesitation. Can we be real with each other though, in these last waning moments of 2018? We have so much work to do. Can we resolve to finally relinquish the binds of white supremacy? Can we be our authentic selves without worrying about what white folks will think or say about it? Can we live free of what Queen Toni Morrison articulated as the "white gaze"? Can we strive to understand the devastating impact of the post traumatic slave syndrome? Uh, just a pro tip, Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome by Dr. Joy DeGruy, is a must read. If you read it already, read it again. On my list of things to do in 2019.

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Demands for the Terrorizing and Abuse of the Macon Family

On April 27th, Caleb Macon, LaShaun Macon, and their daughter, were pulled over by the Sacramento Police Department, accused of speeding after turning right at a stop sign.

After being pulled over by Officer Mustafa Mohammad, several officers were called. Officer has a history of harassing this family, especially Caleb Macon.

During this stop Caleb Macon was physically abused and then arrested for "resisting arrest." LaShaun Macon was told to shut up several times and then she was physically beaten and detained. Calebs brother also experienced excessive force and was detained, and their young daughter was detained and traumatized. Other young children there who witnessed the incident, were also traumatized. (video below).

Black Lives Matter Sacramento was recently made aware of this terrorism and have demands.

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Building As We Dismantle!

Tuesday was glorious at the Board of Supervisor’s meeting, best holiday gift of the season! Watching the arrogant face of Sheriff Scott Jones as he listened to community member after community member wholeheartedly discredit him for refusing ANY oversight of the Sacramento Sheriff’s department, and then have the Board UNANIMOUSLY vote against him to strengthen the Inspector General’s independent oversight of officer involved shootings and in-custody deaths was a triumph—an incredibly vital one. We treasure these moments, we must, because “speaking truth to power” in institutions of white supremacy typically leaves us winded. Our glee is tempered, though, with the larger understanding that “oversight” is always AFTER people have already been killed, after the trauma is inflicted both on the individual and disproportionally on Black and Brown Sacramento communities. Oversight is harm reduction, and while we are wildly here for pompous, fascist, racist sheriffs getting checked up one side and down the other, bottom line, we’d rather no sheriffs at all. Our greater path is abolition.

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On November 30th 2018, Black Lives Matter Sacramento heard and saw several Sacramento Police Department vehicles speed past with sirens and lights on.

Black Lives Matter Sacramento listened to police scanners to learn that police were in pursuit of a Black adult male hiding in various back yards in the Meadowview neighborhood on streets Putnam Way and Cranston Way. 6 police vehicles upon arrival.


live video of incident:

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November 20, 2018

Today District Attorney Ann Marie Schubert, found the Sacramento Sheriff deputies justified in their murder of Mikel McIntyre.

This was a decision she made following the Office of Inspector General and oversight for our Sheriff department Rick Braziel, found the murder of Mikel McIntyre "excessive" and that officers had no reason to fear for their life therefore it was not justified.

Black Lives Matter Sacramento thinks that the District Attorneys response was unfortunately expected, but extremely disappointing.


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Sheriff So Fragile...

Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones is the worst kind of fragile. His actions are based on increasing his unilateral power over Sacramento lives, and his reactions are based on his glass ego. He is our baby-Trump, a nationalistic toddler who tantrums when his citizens demand greater transparency or accountably, but is all too willing to deny us even the most basic equity in policing.

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Demands for the Murder of Darell Richards by the Sacramento Police Department

Upon the release of the video of the murder of 19 year old Darell Richards, by the Sacramento Police Departments SWAT team…

…the video released that showed no evidence of Darell Richards having a gun, pointing a gun, or even walking from Broadway and 17th to 21st street and 2nd avenue…

the family of Darell Richards, along with Black Lives Matter Sacramento has demands:


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