There Is An Official Chapter in Sacramento. Join The Movement! -- Black Lives Matter Sacramento Weekly Blog Update

On Wednesday, February 10, 2016, the Sacramento Activist School will be hosting a panel discussion on #BlackLivesMatter at Sol Collective. Regrettably, we, the Sacramento chapter of Black Lives Matter (BLM), were not initially invited to this timely and much needed convening of local activists. An invitation was later extended less than a week before the event—clearly as an after thought. Housed within Incite Insight – a non-profit organization aimed at addressing anti-blackness, systemic racism, and empowering our community through education and action – Black Lives Matter Sacramento organizers have been strategizing, fighting for liberation, and seeking justice in the local area for over a year before becoming a recognized chapter within the national Black Lives Matter network. We were disappointed to not have been included in this discussion, moreover, we see this erasure, even if unintentional, as an attempt to silence us, co-opt a moment and distort the mission of the national Black Lives Matter network.

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A History of Black Power and Activism -- Black Lives Matter Sacramento Weekly Blog Update



Direct Action Against Police Brutality, Standing in Solidarity with Social Justice Organizations, and Radical Civic Engagement: A History of Black Power and Activism 

By Trina Allen

Black History is NOW. Every February we are called to remember our history and those who have come before us to shape our current state of affairs.

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Sacramento Gentrified = Without Shelter -- Black Lives Matter Sacramento Weekly Blog Update

Past Events: Reclaim MLK "Poor People's Campaign"

Upcoming Events:

Right 2 Rest Occupation Die-in &  Protest: Black Lives Matter Sacramento joins the Occupation for the Right to Rest on Tuesday January 26th for a Die-In & Protest followed by flooding our City Council meeting for public comments.

Justice for Adriene Ludd Protest: BLM Sacramento is inviting the entire Sacramento area to come out and join us…join us so that we can get #JusticeForAdriene and that this community will stay vocal and vigilant until there is accountability and transparency in the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.
Know Your Rights Workshop: Please join BLM Sacramento and the National Lawyers Guild for a workshop that will fill you in on everything you need to know when you encounter the police.

Homelessness and Displacement: The Costs of Gentrification

On its face, gentrification appears to be a good thing. Forgotten and deteriorated communities receive an influx of resources and much needed renovations, resulting in a much more desirable place to live, work, and play.

Sounds good right?


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King's Dream: To Worship or to Work? -- Black Lives Matter Weekly Blog Update



If you spend time on social media, you may have seen the hashtag, #ReclaimMLK. Black Lives Matter activists around the nation and around the globe, 

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#ReclaimMLK -- Black Lives Matter Sacramento Weekly Blog Update

Martin Luther King Jr Day: A Dream Still Deferred

As we look back on 2015, MLK Day means something a little different to the black community. We experienced a year where it was open season on all blacks. Add to this, the pervasive and systemic racism that we were already trying to counteract. So, I’m conflicted this year; and, it’s a shared sentiment amongst people of color. What does this day mean to so many brown people, and have we met the expectation of hope that resonated in MLK’s dream?



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Welcoming in 2016 -- Black Lives Matter Sacramento Weekly Blog Update

2016: Racist Police State or Systemic Revolution—You Decide


Welcoming In 2016

We currently live in a racist militarized police state where law enforcement has legal impunity to murder Black people. 2015 saw the killings of 1200 community members by police. Of those, 200+ were completely unarmed

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Organizational Spotlight: The Community Dinner Project -- Black Lives Matter Sacramento - Weekly Blog Update


On December 28th, Black Lives Matter Sacramento held a Press Conference and released a Public Statement detailing our progress in the fight for answers, transparency, and accountability surrounding Adriene Ludd’s death. Adriene Ludd’s mother was in attendance along with various members of the media. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Northern California joins us in calling for transparency in the Adriene Ludd case and has released a statement in support of this fight.

On December 22nd, Black Lives Matter Sacramento held an event called Unity & Food: Meeting with Leaders.  This event featured community organizers and activist leaders who came together to share ideas, information, and food in an open and supportive environment. 



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Black Lives Matter Press Conference Public Statement 12/28/2015

Black Lives Matter Sacramento has been diligently working to obtain justice for Adriene Ludd. Here is detailed report of our progress.



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ACLU of Northern California Joins Black Lives Matter in Calling for Transparency after Shooting of Adriene Ludd

For Immediate Release :  

December 28, 2015

Media Contact: (415) 621-2493 (

Statement by Micaela Davis, Criminal Justice & Drug Policy Attorney with the ACLU of Northern California


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