ACLU of Northern California Joins Black Lives Matter in Calling for Transparency after Shooting of Adriene Ludd

For Immediate Release :  

December 28, 2015

Media Contact: (415) 621-2493 (

Statement by Micaela Davis, Criminal Justice & Drug Policy Attorney with the ACLU of Northern California


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Why We Are Holding A Press Conference on December 28 -- Black Lives Matter Sacramento Weekly Blog Update

Recent Events: Black Lives Matter, Sacramento was invited to participate in the Oak Park Family Christmas Health Fair on Saturday December 19, to share information about the organization with Oak Park Residents. At the fair, kids met Santa, and families were offered free health screenings, free food, music and vendor tables.

As BLM- SAC members mingled and shared about what we do, several residents opened up about their personal experiences of harassment and even brutality by police in Sacramento and elsewhere. Residents also shared about other issues of concern in the Oak Park community beyond police abuses. Black Lives Matter, Sacramento is looking forward to working with long term Oak Park residents to build the kind of community they envision.

Upcoming Events: (click to read more)

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We're Here for Transparency and Accountability; Not Your Friendship -- Black Lives Matter Sacramento Weekly Blog Update

How do you build relationships and trust in a community where trust has been broken? 

To the common person, that would be through transparency, accountability, and open communication.

Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones(Photo: A still frame of Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones's YouTube video to President Obama on immigration)

But to Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones and his deputies at the Sheriff’s Department, transparency and accountability are apparently not in their vocabulary. 

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What is Next? -- Black Lives Matter Sacramento Weekly Blog Update

Black Lives Matter Sacramento is prepping for a productive and powerful December. From community fundraising to direct action, we'll be out in full force pushing social justice forward.


In response to the murder of Adriene Ludd by the Sacramento Sheriff's Department in October, BLM Sacramento has formally presented Sheriff Scott Jones with a list of demands due to be addressed by December 13th, 2015. The demands for justice are:

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Demanding Justice -- Black Lives Matter Sacramento Weekly Blog Update

November 22nd marked one month that Adriene Ludd was murdered by the Sacramento Sheriff department. During that month, the family hasn't received any information on the death of their loved one.

They don't know how many times Adriene was shot.

They don't know who the officers names are that shot him.

They don't know why his body was left out on the ground uncovered for over 11 hours.

They don't know why, when he reached the coroner, he was again left out for 24 more hours. Forcing the family to have to cremate him.

The only things that this grieving family does know is that the imagery of Adriene that the media and sheriff department released to the public, was no where near accurate.

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List of Demands for Adriene Ludd

Black Lives Matter Sacramento

Official Demands Regarding the Murder of Adriene Ludd

These are our demands:

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Justice for Adriene -- Black Lives Matter Sacramento Weekly Blog Update

Every Monday, we will post here about recent and upcoming actions and other activities that shed light on injustice in our local community, as well as how we can work together to create a more just Sacramento.

RECENT EVENTS: Black Lives Matter Sacramento attended the Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance. The event, held on Saturday, November 21st, was a candlelight vigil to memorialize those murdered because of their actual or perceived gender identity and expression.



 On November 27th, 2015, Black Lives Matter Sacramento will hold a candlelight vigil for Adriene Ludd.

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