Black Lives Matter Sacramento Demands for the Sacramento Community Police Commission Board

We are aware that this board is mostly symbolic, and does not have the powers that a community advisory board should have when trying to make sure police departments are being transparent and held accountable; and we understand that those powers are granted by the Sacramento City Council.

This board does indeed have access to information, so Black Lives Matter Sacramento has a list of demands, to ensure that you are working to make this board an actual asset to our community.


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Who’s Neighborhood Is It? -- Black Lives Matter Weekly Blog Update

Change is good…Black Americans have tried. We have succeeded. We have been stopped in the tracks of progress.


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Sacramento, Where Police Make (Up) Their Own Rules: Black Lives Matter Sacramento Weekly Blog Update

We need REAL police accountability, and we need it in a hurry, because we are losing lives fast. And no one governing our city seems to care. 


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Transparency and Accountability in California Law Enforcement - Black Lives Matter Sacramento Weekly Blog Update

Being the capital city of the most populous state in the union has many advantages. BLM Sacramento is proud to stand in support of the California State Senate Bill SB 1286, and founder Tanya Faison will be speaking at the upcoming rally on the capitol steps Monday April 11 between 11:00am-12:00pm in support of the bill.  


                        Photo Source - Raw Story

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Black Power in a Time of Crisis: BLM Sacramento Responds - Black Lives Matter Sacramento Weekly Blog Update

Truth in Sacramento: Between gentrification, the policing of poverty, and the lack of public control over our city’s institutions, we are seeing systemic racism flourish unchecked by our capitalistic-minded “leaders.” Currently Black Lives Matter Sacramento is responding through building solidarity amongst Black college students, unveiling and calling out predatory Oak Park investors, standing up to police brutality by demanding the Sacramento Police Commission hold the Sac Police Department to a higher standard of accountability, and finally, getting loud in partnership with other Sacramento progressive organizations to state that the whole system is guilty as hell in a liberating event toward the end of the month. 

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So… when did Oak Park become “North and South” Oak Park? Things that make you go hmmmm…. -- Black Lives Matter Sacramento Weekly Blog Update


On February 27, Black Lives Matter Sacramento and many Oak Park residents gathered in front of the Guild Theater, to make their voices heard about the changes coming to this neighborhood. 



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Inside the Summit at the Guild

[Report Coming Soon] 

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Let's Show Out Like Chicago! -- Black Lives Matter Sacramento Weekly Blog Update


Sacramento: Didn't Chicago and Cleveland just show us how it's done? We CAN make a difference in local electoral politics.

Check out the statement by Assata's Daughters, an organizing collective that together with a broad coalition throughout Chicago, campaigned in ONE MONTH to get rid of an elected official, Prosecutor Anita Alvarez, because she had failed the people. 


They also released a short video that included these inspirational words:

“Other cities should see this and see this as an example of ways to engage in electoral politics without compromising your values for a commitment to abolition politics”

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Letter of Solidarity

To: Dr. Linda P.B. Katehi, Chancellor of University of California, Davis

From: Black Lives Matter Sacramento

An Open Letter to the UC Davis Administration, Faculty, Staff, and Students:


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The Devil Finds Work -- Black Lives Matter Sacramento Weekly Blog Update

“People who treat other people as less than human must not be surprised when the bread they have cast on the waters comes floating back to them, poisoned.” *
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