Community Alternatives to Police


This past Saturday, December 3rd, BLM Sacramento hosted the beginning of many community forums discussing alternatives to police. Over 125 people packed a meeting room in a neighborhood library to dive deep into conversation. All experiences, voices, opinions and values were welcomed and heard. The conversation went as deep as envisioning a community without police. What would that look like? What do we need from one another? How is this even possible? Yes, that’s right 125 people showed up to dream big.



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BLM Sac Weekly Blog - It’s Time To Be Accountable For The Changes We Want To See


This blog is dedicated to the “watchers” of the movement in hopes to spark passion that lies dormant.  Our failing education system taught us the names of the former men and women who have made fought before us and specific dates that events took place and let’s just be honest, that shit is as useless as learning the quadratic formula.   There was no effort to humanize these figures and make them relatable.  Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and Angela Davis did not drink “Michael’s secret stuff” (space jam reference) every morning to be who they were.  They showed up and fought, after work, after arranging baby sitters, and when they didn’t feel like it.  Trust me this is not a bash and I believe people are not to blame for their lack of motivation to revamp their community.  We were taught to stay quiet and not question authority but we are witnessing a radical movement that is challenging everything we were told to accept. My point is you don’t have to be a superhuman to make a change you just need to show up in whatever capacity.  Numbers matter and you matter so show up and fight.  We are fighting for a community that we feel comfortable in and an environment that encourages children to thrive with no limitations




“In The End, we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends.” MLK Jr.

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WTF! Sacramento Sheriff Department is a Gang!

America is on fire. California is on fire. Sacramento is on fire.

How will we rise from the institutional coals that those in power want to burn us in? How will we defend our neighbors who are being pushed further into the flames of hatred and systemic hierarchy, anti-Black racism, ableism, transphobia, and patriarchy? How will we reclaim justice for our loved ones who have been burned by state violence? And where do we find the essential water that will extinguish oppression at the source?

Donald Trump, we don’t want you. Your racist, misogynist ass needn’t take too much credit. You are not the match of white supremacy—you are simply bad breath that fans the flames of white fascism and xenophobia that have burned for hundreds of years.

Scott Jones, we don’t want you. You are the fiend that scorches our community with surveillance, with brutality, with harassment, and with death. You steal those we love and return charred bits of truth about their last breaths like a man throwing crumbs at the starving. Your word means nothing to us. We want to see the evidence—including video—ourselves. We are not hungry for crumbs.


Fire eaters, we have always been. The struggle has deepened and we are no longer asking for access, we are creating a revolution. Intersectional resistance starts with folks pushed farthest into the flames of marginalization being the central voices in the fight. Those that have withstood the heat for so long know our enemy best and will lead our collective wave into the inferno. The tide is building and we are awakening to the understanding that we, collectively, are that transformative water—it is simply what we are made of.

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Statement from Nyree Holmes

When I planned on wearing my Kente Cloth, I only hoped for this day, I only hoped that I 

would be heard, I only hoped that change would come, I only hoped that one day I would be able to write this statement. Despite my miniscule inkling of hope, I spoke, my family spoke, our community spoke, our country spoke, the world spoke, we did it.
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Public Statement: Nyree Holmes and Elk Grove Unified School District


NOVEMBER 15, 2016

On May 18th, Nyree Holmes of Elk Grove, was escorted by Sacramento Sheriff school resource officers, from his graduation for refusing to remove his Kente Cloth. A symbol from Ghana thats colors represent things such as prosperity, good health, and longevity. 

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Black Lives Matter Sacramento Weekly Blog - Scott Jones! We Don't Want You!

Black Lives Matter Sacramento has continued to revitalize national discourse on racial justice, especially with regards to policing. This movement is led by individuals within the community that want to see a significant positive change. In recent weeks, BLM has conducted acts of protest and civil disobedience designed to put pressure on decision makers to act.


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Sharing is Caring: Digging for Dirt on Scott Jones?

So we stumbled across a great piece of work created by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. 

No we aint vouchin for the dems. But the information inside of it was golden, with sources cited and everything.


As soon as we graced Scott Jones neighborhood with our presence, and some essential literature that included the link to this pdf document, the document vanished.


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Black Lives Matter Sacramento Weekly Blog - Scott Jones Does NOT Love Justice

 The Sacramento County Sheriff is a public position elected by the people of the county. Scott Jones was elected to Sacramento County Sheriff in 2010, and re-elected in 2014, putting him in one of the most powerful positions in county government. In this time, under his “leadership,” his department has arrested black people at 3.5 times the rate of white people. He has cost the county millions of dollars in law suits for excessive force, rape, in-custody deaths and torture, and military weapons used in his jail. He has promoted deputies after they have used violence and excessive force. So instead of holding deputies accountable, Sheriff Scott Jones is rewarding violent behavior. In 2010, four Sheriff’s Department employees filed a lawsuit based on racial and sexual discrimination and harassment. There were also other lawsuits that reached settlement involving disability discrimination and sexual harassment complaints from employees.



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The Voice and the Community of Oak Park: Black Love and Report Back from Summer Canvassing


We titled our report from our summer canvassing project,  “Overpoliced and Underserved”,  because this is what residents were noticing about the changes in their neighborhood. As one resident put it, police are everywhere yet do very little to respond to community needs. Police are seen as essentially acting as agents of the gentrification taking place everywhere, engulfing long term residents of the neighborhood. This has been noticed, and noted, by the residents themselves. 

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Black Lives Matter Sacramento: Why We Say Abolition!

“I often ask myself whether it is logical to expect the police to play a role they were never meant to play. Policing in the U.S. was created for no other reason than to maintain social classes and enforce racial hierarchy. In truth, the criminal justice system is not broken; it is functioning exactly as it was intended to. And this is why we say Black Lives Matter: to challenge the hegemony in the U.S. that never thought so to begin with.” Jackie Iyamah Ella Baker Center


Reread it. Abolition.

Read it again, but say it out loud. Abolition.

There is no other logical or informed choice. Abolition.

When we stop fearing each other and start ending state violence. Abolition.

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