Who Does the Blue Code of Silence Protect, Other Than Those Who Wear Blue?

Day by day, week by week, month and year the fight for social justice continues when the men and women who put on their blue uniforms under the guise of “To Protect and Serve” reverberates in corruption. The false promise of the POLICE to Protect and Serve.......looks good on paper, websites, badges and the side of police cars.....but in reality law enforcement is protecting and serving the money and politics of white supremacy, white privilege and white fragility.  With that being said, that makes every black, brown and non-white officer NOTHING BUT A TOOL FOR THE SYSTEM.  


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Black Liberation: Justice for Armani Lee

“Until the story of the hunt is told by the lion, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.” –African Proverb

Anti-Blackness is deep in our city, and the Sacramento institutions that hold power over Black lives consistently try to tell the story of diversity and unity while simultaneously silencing Black voices. We are NOT a world-class city committed to racial and social justice—despite the deceitfulness that falls from of lips of our leaders. We are instead locked in terror of the hunt—watching Black bodies bleed out in what should be our streets, watching Black minds being railroaded by racist law enforcement and held captive in our filthy jail cells, watching young people navigate anti-Blackness in our very own school-to-prison-pipeline, and watching as white supremacy steals not only Black lives, but rewrites the story to gaslight and criminalize those fighting to survive. The lion, tho…

Her roar, unwaveringly loud and centuries deep, has already cracked the foundation of these institutions of violence. She is now calling her siblings to her side, and when they surround the hunter they will reclaim their own, unlock the jail cell, and dismantle the classroom. This is the story that is being written right now.

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Pride: Never Forget the Roots!

June marks Pride Month, which is a time for many queer and transgender people to visibly celebrate and embrace the many things that make us unique, beautiful and brilliant. Many would attribute the Stonewall Riots of 1969 as a pivotal event in queer and transgender history. These riots stemmed from police brutality and harassment. Transgender women of color led the protests and riots of Stonewall, Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera. At the roots of Pride is a radical movement of resistance.


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Disrespectful AF!

I have a serious questions to all of our readers.  You don’t have to respond or even have the answer now but let it be something you think about during your week, when the videos of black bodies being targeted show up on your timeline.  Why is it ok for people to look at this movement and question the fight rather than look at the systems we are fighting and question the system?  When did fighting for black people to be treated with dignity and respect become a revolution?   


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Our Best Protection is PUBLIC Documentation!

One of our best protections against state retribution for our political activity is public documentation of the threats they bring:

- I was informed by a trusted friend this week that the sheriff of the Emeryville Police Department gave a talk to a group of white women democrats that were headed to speak at the oakland women's march. They were concerned about their safety and asked Chief Jennifer Tejada to come give them pointers. She told them that the time to leave was when Cat Brooks spoke because apparently I am one of the most dangerous figures in the Bay Area and I incite people to violence. It should be noted I was never slated to speak at the women's march.


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Justice for Lorenzo Cruz

Lorenzo Cruz was a baby. Twenty-three years old and stolen from his mother’s arms. No blog in existence could accurately describe the horrible emptiness that now resides between those arms. Arms that not too long ago rocked him to sleep, arms that not too long ago soothed his tears in a momma’s hug, arms that will now for too long fall empty—robbed of their child.

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No Medals for Black Bodies


Last week, at the Sacramento Police Department annual awards ceremony, three officers who murdered Dazion Flenaugh were honored for their “courage” in killing Dazion. The officers who murdered Dazion are Jeffrey Todd Carr, Dustin Southward and Eric Toomey.


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What You Mean, Black Liberation and Abolition?

How do you define liberation? Is it as simple as being “equal” to the other people living in this

country? Is it wearing your hair natural, raising your black fist in opposition, or yelling FUCK

THE POLICE at the top of your lungs? I’ll tell you what, there is a common factor amongst all

of these things. The common factor is not giving a shit about peoples’ expectations of how you

are supposed to exist in this society. 


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Public Statement on the Legalities of the "Jaywalking" Charge for Nandi Cain and the Racial Disproportions by SacPD

Racial profiling? This coined term is covertly  used to justify the targeting of certain groups and populations, most predominantly black people. 

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Same As It Ever Was...

On April 11, 2017, a young man in Del Paso Heights was targeted needlessly for WWB (walking while Black), profiled as anything other than who he was: A man walking and crossing the street. Unfortunately he was targeted by Sac PD for jaywalking and beaten down in the street.

Immediately Sacramento it went into action...


It was decided long ago that this particular type of mistreatment of the Black body was inhumane and must be called out immediately. Protests were arranged because speaking gently to the city powers and law enforcement is only worth a breeze and a Pine Forest.

Sac PD was wrong in how they treated Nandi Cain Jr. and they knew it. They knew we were coming. They knew we were vocal, and were going to call them out on this. Were they worried? I would have been. Waiting for Sac PD to recognize the violation of Mr. Cain’s civil rights was not a choice we had.


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