Abolition: To Protect and Serve the People

Institutional reform works when the building blocks of an organization are fair and ethical, but just need a little mending…

Sacramento Paladin Security and Sacramento Police Department assaulted a child last week and no one ended up in handcuffs except the boy himself. He committed no crime. He simply asked for help from community members to get his needs met. A security officer chased him away from the store, put hands on him, and called the police. Sac PD officers cuffed him, attempted to put him in the back of a cruiser, and then tackled him to the ground before putting a bag over his head—all the while the security guard had his hand and arm around the child’s neck. A dozen highly armed and trained adults were dispatched for a twelve-year-old asking people to buy him food. Instead of protecting him and meeting his needs, they escalated the situation with excessive and unnecessary force.

This is state terrorism. This is your local labor and taxes funding an attack on a child. Fuck reform. We need to abolish law enforcement and create better ways to serve one another and hold each other accountable to community agreements.

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Oak Park's White Supremacy Problem

Yes! Your Gentrifying is Actually Colonizing!

Let's give a little history before we get started...

Redlining was done to limit access to where Black folks could live.

We were not allowed to live in most places, and the places we did live in became our safe spaces.

Unfortunately history still reflects in our neighborhoods today.

That is exactly why Oak Park has mostly been a predominately Black neighborhood.

This isn't about who lived there first, or last, or next. This is about Black folks being told "you cannot live in East Sac but you can live in Oak Park"

...then "we (the state) are going to contribute to your poverty and access to healthy living."

So for decades white folks were able to have more choices than us, and didn't want to be in our spaces.

White supremacy has it so you can come into this predominately Black neighborhood, buy our homes, flip them and then raise the prices. Pushing us out of one of the very limited safe spaces in this city.

Black folks have historically been told where they can and cannot be.

So complaints about gentrification cant be deflected to "not being able to pick what color you are" ("I cant help it that I am white"), or "we need you to be united with us" (telling Black folks to unify with the status quo is silencing our concerns and our needs), or putting a stick in the ground and calling it yours. 

Oak Park's Mozzy telling you to be quiet.

Oak Park artist, Mozzy. Image Credit to Real Street Radio www.realstreetradio.com




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I Am Because We Are

This has been a considerably difficult blog to write. I have been mulling over the issues and ideas I will share here for at least a couple of weeks. I've been meditating on them for even longer. The quintessential gaining and maintaining of spiritual, physical and mental wellness weigh heavily on me personally and seems to weigh on Black Folxs collectively. It has occurred to me in my reflections that Black Folxs are subsisting off resilience. The reasons for this are numerous and complex. I will not examine all of them but rather just focus on the particularly devastating aspect of trauma caused by abuse and how it poisons our perceptions and by extension our relationship to one another. More importantly I seek to offer a pathway towards effectively confronting and overcoming this impediment to our progress.

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Honoring Dazion

Rest in power Dazion. Today we honor you.

The violence and injustice bestowed upon you moved this chapter to action and organize against a state that allowed not only your murder, but the defamation of your humanity. Now you ride with us every march, every action, every press conference—every everything—fueling our steps toward justice in a city that afforded you none.

Three years ago today Sacramento Police Department murdered Dazion in Meadowview, not far from where they killed Stephon Clark two years later. In both acts of egregious police terror, our city officials not only defended the murderers—they further attacked the victim to cover up the misconduct of their officers and uphold the anti-Blackness that blankets our local government.

In both circumstances—BLM Sacramento wasn’t here for it.

DA Schubert, Darrel Steinberg, Howard Chan, Chief Hahn, Brian Louie you are trash. Straight vile, complicit, cowardly trash. We are not moved by your calls for decorum and promises of a change that never comes. #JosephMann #StephonClark #BrandonSmith #DarellRichards are proof enough of that. We are singularly focused on preventing the horror Dazion felt illegally trapped in the back of your police car and the unnecessary bullets that tore through his body. Be advised that we will continue to TURN UP and make your lives as uncomfortable as need be.

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Does a Year Make a Difference?

Does a year make a difference?

How much time does it take to heal? How are you supposed to feel? I've been asking myself these questions over and over these last two weeks. Is the pain dulled? Is the trauma lessened? These questions are not just for self-reflection but ones that I ask on behalf of my people.

Black Folx have never gotten an opportunity to heal. Healing requires so much; so much that we have been deliberately denied. We keep fighting for justice. But when will we get it? The waiting was unbearable. We waited from the moment Stephon Clark was murdered by Officer Robinet and Officer Mercadal of the Sacramento Police Department, on March 18, 2018, until his character was assassinated by District Attorney Anne Marie Shubert, on March 2, 2019. What were we waiting for? A mere lingering possibility, only to be denied justice and to be further traumatized.


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This Is Just the Beginning

“Everyday when I wake up, my son was murdered yesterday.”

Se’Quette Clark

Stephon Clark was executed by the Sacramento Police Department, only to have his character assassinated by the very District Attorney who should have brought his family justice. There can be no peace where such callousness lives. There can be no peace when the city’s anti-blackness suffocates even the hope for accountability. BLM Sacramento stands with the Clark family and will continue to mobilize against the Sacramento law enforcement agencies that killed him and the city officials that allowed them to do it.

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Stephon Clark was the Spark

The city of Sacramento’s governing officials had a chance to turn the pain that was inflicted upon our people by police terror into power and healing, however the city chose to fold. Instead of seeking accountability for this atrocity by the aggressors there was constant blame being placed on the people. I’ve seen it all in the comment sections of our local news stations: Stephon shouldn’t have ran, he should have complied, he should have been home with his kids, maybe if he would have done this, that or the other or he should have been raised better because I raised my kids to listen & never question authority, he deserved what he got, etc. 

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Let Rage Reign!

Rage is valid and necessary. The expression of rage is often a release. It is a release of toxins and trauma from our bodies. The bodies of Black Folxs have been brutalized for so long, so many times and in so many vicious ways that the resulting trauma has been proven to be codified in our DNA. Despite all this, just in case y'all forgot or was confused, the bodies and souls of Black Folxs are exquisite. But the rage remains. The rage that we have is sacred. In fact, if as a Black person you've never fully expressed rage you are not really alive and you are definitely not free. Y'all know we is free, right?! The ancestors I'ma be talking bout knew they were free when they rose up and ran through the flesh of their oppressors with machetes. They knew they were free in their bodies and souls. They knew that their spirits could not be contained or controlled. They refused to grovel for their freedom. As proud, wise, powerful, people they fought off oppression.

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Disgraceful Intentions

“Where is that balance between safety and intent?”

Sacramento Councilmember Jeff Harris

 2/5/2019 Law & Legislative Committee

Review of Proposed Protest Ordinance


The Sacramento PD murdered Stephon Clark. Jared Robinet and Terrence Mercadal saw a Black man in a Meadowview backyard and that is all they needed to discern. In those split seconds between his beating heart and their metal clips, they knew they were safe in taking his life with zero cause. There would be no charges. No loss of job. Nothing. Without Black Lives Matter Sacramento there wouldn’t even be public scrutiny. It would simply be business as usual—because safety to them is a Black man rendered powerless.

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People Power

Apologies for my absence y’all.


Accountability is hard, blame is easy. One builds trust while the other destroys any inkling of it. You already know that Black Lives Matter Sacramento has been frontline in the fight for accountability and transparency from our local law enforcement entities and other elected public officials for a minute now, this ain’t new. 4 Black lives were stolen by the state of CA in 2018; Stephon Clark, Brandon Smith, Darrell Richards and Marshall Miles. Back to back, every 3 months and NOT ONE killer cop has faced any consequences.



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