Stop Killing Our Children

The Mommas—it is always the mommas. Her wails could be heard from my car as I walked toward the vigil last Friday hundreds of feet away. We have become so familiar with these decibels of pain, the echoes of sorrow, as they ring through Sacramento with a regularity unfathomable. But please tell me one thing! —What is the frequency of justice? What do her bells sound like? Because we haven’t heard it yet, and in this moment, I want to scream louder than the bullets that ended Darell Richard’s life.

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Did You Forget About Mike? (Well We Didn't)

You need to know the story of Mikel McIntrye.

He was his mother’s only child.

Her name is Brigett McIntyre.

When his life was stolen by Sacramento County Sheriff, he had one infant son.

He was a major league baseball prospect and was always generally happy.

He was visiting the Sacramento area, and his MURDER will forever be a memory of said visit.

What a way to welcome visitors to Sacramento.


Life has a crazy way of sometimes challenging our mental stability and for Mikel McIntyre it was the deaths of a few family members, a pending surgery for his grandmother, coupled with a battle for visitation with his infant son's mother.  It was literally the life of his son and the deaths of an aunt and grandparents that caused him not to be himself and to emotionally reach an unexpected breaking point. 

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Are All White People Racist?

I won't be taking too much of your time today.

I just wanted to break some things down for folks.

Let's get this definition of racism out of the way first. 

According to the United Nations, racism is defined as

“any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, color, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life.”

In other words...

Prejudice + Power to Oppress = Racism


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Uncomfortability is a Good Thing When Terror is the Status Quo

“Nobody in the world, nobody in history, has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of the people who were oppressing them.”

--Assata Shakur

Sitting in this valley of smoke and ash as California burns, watching the literal manifestation of our unwillingness to make shit right—make our public officials do right—and the figurative symbolism of all that is so precious and beautiful being sacrificed to nothing but greed, I can’t help but to question, “Whose side are we on, and what are we willing to risk to end this nightmare?” Because the time is now.

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What Will Be Your Legacy?

I want you to think on sitting in history class way back when, where you likely learned the diluted versions of all of the early atrocities committed by white folks, including but not limited to; colonization, the genocide of my ancestors and other indigenous peoples, slavery, the Jim Crow era, maybe your instructor touched on the  Dred Scott decision, possibly Black code laws, redlining & so on, thinking, “had I been alive back then I would have done this, that or the other…”

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When Ally-ship goes all the way wrong!!!

Do y’all remember that song by Brandy back in the 90’s, “I wanna be down, with what you’re going through?  I wanna be down, I wanna be down with you.  No matter the time, of day or night it’s true.  I wanna be down.”

Sometimes allies claim to "wanna be down," then it turns into thirst and fetishizing and entertainment and hypocrisy and closed mouths and never coming out and never making donations and fragility and tears and most horribly it ends up CENTERING WHITNESS…..all the while claiming to be an ally when your sensitive ass isn’t ready to even listening to our pain, much less understand our experience (now that was a mouthful....I can't breath sometimes dealing with white allies, the emotional labor is intense).  It leaves us to question what are you here for and where are you when it really counts….like when shit goes down?  Like, if our lives were being threatened right now at this moment, how are you going to show up and shield us from further harm?


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PUBLIC STATEMENT - 16 year Old with Broken Back After Sac PD Intentionally Rammed Him With a Police Car

July 23, 2018

Black Lives Matter Sacramento
Media Contact: 
Tanya Faison, 916.581.0061,
Sonia Lewis, 916.581.0061,


16 year Old with Broken Back After Sac PD Intentionally Rammed Him with a Police Car

Sacramento - On July 22, 2018 at around 11pm in the Del Paso Heights neighborhood on Eleanor Ave near Rio Linda Blvd. Sac PD chased down a 16 year old boy on his bike and violently hit him with a police vehicle. The officer intentionally rammed him on his bike with a vehicle, causing him to fly over another car. The boy was hit and flew in the air approximately 10 feet, where he landed in a neighbor’s yard. It took more than 15 minutes for ambulance to arrive. Sac PD prevented the boy’s mother, who was on the scene from seeing her son irrespective of his serious injuries. The injured boy was even handcuffed, although it was obvious that he was not able to move.


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The Audacity of a Mayor Steinberg

I first met Darrell Steinberg in 2014.

I lived in Sycamore Terrace Apartments. They are right behind Nugget Market on Florin Road in Greenhaven. I lived in bldg 4 and so did Steinberg and his family. I would see him every day almost. He was hella friendly. He would say hello with a big smile. This was the same time I had just started Incite Insight. For months I was telling myself to talk to him. Back then I wanted to pursue a political office and he was a state senator at the time. So I really wanted to pick his mind but was very nervous to approach him. Finally, one day I saw him and stopped him. I told him I had just started an organization that wanted to combat police violence. I told him that I wanted to sit down with him one day and take any advice he had on reaching out to our political officials effectively. 

Darrell Steinberg welcomed it and gave me his personal cell phone number. 


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Freedom for Whom???


Home of the free.

Land of the brave.

Justice for all.


Bullshit then and bullshit now. To be Black and free in “America” is as much of a lie as it was in 1776. The only self-evident truths are of inequality and oppression, of theft and subjugation, of pain and separation, of enslavement, sorrow, violence, greed, terror—The revolution hasn’t even begun.

Fuck the 4th of July.

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