Disrespectful AF!

I have a serious questions to all of our readers.  You don’t have to respond or even have the answer now but let it be something you think about during your week, when the videos of black bodies being targeted show up on your timeline.  Why is it ok for people to look at this movement and question the fight rather than look at the systems we are fighting and question the system?  When did fighting for black people to be treated with dignity and respect become a revolution?   


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Our Best Protection is PUBLIC Documentation!

One of our best protections against state retribution for our political activity is public documentation of the threats they bring:

- I was informed by a trusted friend this week that the sheriff of the Emeryville Police Department gave a talk to a group of white women democrats that were headed to speak at the oakland women's march. They were concerned about their safety and asked Chief Jennifer Tejada to come give them pointers. She told them that the time to leave was when Cat Brooks spoke because apparently I am one of the most dangerous figures in the Bay Area and I incite people to violence. It should be noted I was never slated to speak at the women's march.


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Justice for Lorenzo Cruz

Lorenzo Cruz was a baby. Twenty-three years old and stolen from his mother’s arms. No blog in existence could accurately describe the horrible emptiness that now resides between those arms. Arms that not too long ago rocked him to sleep, arms that not too long ago soothed his tears in a momma’s hug, arms that will now for too long fall empty—robbed of their child.

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No Medals for Black Bodies


Last week, at the Sacramento Police Department annual awards ceremony, three officers who murdered Dazion Flenaugh were honored for their “courage” in killing Dazion. The officers who murdered Dazion are Jeffrey Todd Carr, Dustin Southward and Eric Toomey.


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What You Mean, Black Liberation and Abolition?

How do you define liberation? Is it as simple as being “equal” to the other people living in this

country? Is it wearing your hair natural, raising your black fist in opposition, or yelling FUCK

THE POLICE at the top of your lungs? I’ll tell you what, there is a common factor amongst all

of these things. The common factor is not giving a shit about peoples’ expectations of how you

are supposed to exist in this society. 


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Public Statement on the Legalities of the "Jaywalking" Charge for Nandi Cain and the Racial Disproportions by SacPD

Racial profiling? This coined term is covertly  used to justify the targeting of certain groups and populations, most predominantly black people. 

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Same As It Ever Was...

On April 11, 2017, a young man in Del Paso Heights was targeted needlessly for WWB (walking while Black), profiled as anything other than who he was: A man walking and crossing the street. Unfortunately he was targeted by Sac PD for jaywalking and beaten down in the street.

Immediately Sacramento it went into action...


It was decided long ago that this particular type of mistreatment of the Black body was inhumane and must be called out immediately. Protests were arranged because speaking gently to the city powers and law enforcement is only worth a breeze and a Pine Forest.

Sac PD was wrong in how they treated Nandi Cain Jr. and they knew it. They knew we were coming. They knew we were vocal, and were going to call them out on this. Were they worried? I would have been. Waiting for Sac PD to recognize the violation of Mr. Cain’s civil rights was not a choice we had.


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We Will Never Stop Fighting for You Dazion

I’m never going home. I’m dead.  –Dazion Jerome Flenaugh

Watching Dazion begin to panic after being illegally detained in the back of a Sacramento police car, you can feel the injustice boil over into sheer terror. After the door slams shut on his freedom it opens to the history of abuse he experienced at the hands of law enforcement. Dazion told his mother that officers had been harassing him prior to his murder, and as an unhoused Black man it isn’t hard to imagine how he was treated. Every negative experience with police was with him in the back of that car. He thought they were trying to kill him—and he was right.

While Dazion must have felt so appallingly alone while caged, so vulnerable and fearful—he isn’t alone. All Black America is sitting in the back of that pressure cooker with him, living in a torrential state of anti-Black violence and panic so routine that folks just move through the day as trauma bears down on the soul. And what of white people? White supremacy surrounds the doors with its thin blue noose and collective self-serving denial—sealing his fate and flaunting its sociopathy.

Dazion was stolen. He was so wronged that they won’t even show the moment when he was murdered. They won’t give his family the police report, autopsy report, or basic respect as a group of people that lost a loved one. They are holding the doors shut on truth, justice, and humanity—because law enforcement is a tool of whiteness, a tool of oppression that was created to steal Black folks.

There will never be full accountability, let alone tangible justice, because Dazion is never going home. Dazion is dead. That cage is still in use though. That back seat is still doing its job of holding melanin. How long are we going to let its terror reign? It has been time to pull that noose off, rip those doors off the hinges, and unleash the compressed horror that Dazion and thousands of others have experienced.

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Demands to Rocklin Police Department for Lorenzo Cruz

APRIL 6, 2017

Black Lives Matter Sacramento Demands to the Rocklin Police Department for Lorenzo Cruz


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Calling Out Anti-Blackness

Anti-blackness exists in various social justice movements, conversations and causes. We MUST call it out when we see it happening.


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