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It seems so long ago that we took on our fight to make sure Sheriff Scott Jones did not make it to Congress.  Back in 2016 we blasted this man for all the dirt that took place under his leadership from 2010 and through his re-election in 2014. (and still ongoing).  When we say dirt , I mean we are talking about Black people being arrested at 3.5 times the rate of white people and costing taxpayers millions, yeah …you heard that right…MILLIONS of dollars in lawsuits for excessive force, rape, in-custody deaths and torture, and the use of military weapons used in his facility.  There is a whole blog dedicated to the BS that has taken place and how he has not only failed to discipline the LEO’s responsible for these acts, but he actually rewards this violent behavior.

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DA Schubert: We Don't Want You!

“They attack the victim, and then the criminal who attacked the victim accuses the victim of attacking him. This is American justice. This is American democracy and those of you who are familiar with it know that in America democracy is hypocrisy.”

--Malcolm X







We don’t want you stealing our Black family members and friends for disproportionate lengths of time. We don’t want you taking bribes from law enforcement to overlook their violence, criminality, rape, and murder. We don’t want you supporting state initiatives and local measures that condone police terror in Black and Brown communities and fund mass incarceration. We don’t want you at all. What you call conservatism, we call white supremacy and anti-Blackness. Your white hood is showing Schubert, and the whole world is watching you try to shove it back under that yellow mop.

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Sit Down!

A lot of people have criticized the Black Lives Matter Sacramento chapter for its latest strategy toward healing and Black liberation. Particularly, Black people. Among the critiques have been charges of the chapter’s supposed focus on “the wrong things.” But when you say that BLM is focused on the wrong things, how would you know what the right things are if you don’t understand what liberation truly looks like? Several people have their own ideas about what BLM’s goals SHOULD be. They seem to be stuck in their own heads, wanting us to protest without strategy, or march without organization and without knowledge of the system that oppresses us.  Remember, BLM members are human beings, with families, students, teachers, and connections to people from several walks of life, several ethnicities, and several social classes. We have family members who are impoverished, imprisoned, or deceased, family without access to mental health resources and/or treatment. All of these are the effects of oppression. And we still listen when you have critiques. But we also know that many of the critiques come from people who are socialized by the same white supremacist system that we are trying to dismantle.

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Scott Jones: It's Been One Year Since Your Deputies Killed Ryan Ellis & Mikel McIntyre

We have been focusing a lot on city government and officials since Sacramento Police killed Stephon Clark in March. But we cannot and do not forget the inexcusable deaths of Mikel McIntyre and Ryan Ellis by Sacramento County Sheriff Department just one year ago. Scott Jones: You are still on our list too! As you are running for the reelection of Sacramento County Sheriff, we still mourn the loss two Black men--Ryan Ellis and Mikel McIntyre--that your department killed one year ago. We are still demanding answers and details that you refuse to give! We are still demanding that you tell the truth about the events that led up to the killing of both men, who your department killed just three days apart. We have not forgotten our demands and who we are fighting for!


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Black Trauma Persists Under White Apathy

IMG_1365.JPG America was forged from a mold intentionally crafted with the purpose of sustaining White supremacy, while also systematically devaluing the indicator.  The indicator which distinguishes us from our colonizing oppressors, was and is our rich concentration of melanin.

We live in a society where we are subjected to specific benefits or traumas based on a color scale of how we appear.  For Black Americans, this means we are the dark vermin of our counterparts, deserving to be discarded as pests, deprived of humanity.

"Although slavery has long been a part of human history, American chattel slavery represents a case of human trauma incomparable in scope, duration and consequence to any other incidence of human enslavement."

― Joy DeGruy, Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America's Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing


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When the Community Shows Up Filled with OUTRAGE due to Police Terror Part 2 – “Police Terror By No Other Name” from March 26, 2018 blog #Justice4StephonClark

It has been exactly 36 long, intense and grueling days……


In the 36 days since Stephon Clark was gunned down in the back yard of his grandparents, Tommy and Sequita Thompson, home, there has been a constant outcry from his mother Sequette Clark, his children (and their mother), his family and the community.  This outcry is RAGE and it is in response to the historic and systemic racial bias and cultural disenfranchisement used by the Sacramento Police department and other local law enforcement agencies in Sacramento County.  This OUTRAGE justifiably has been expressed in protest and tears and a lost sense of security.  This outrage is the byproduct of what it truly means to be Black in America.  This outrage is proof that there are two very different Amerikkkas with very different sets of rules.  This outrage is why we must continue to fight....."It is our duty to fight for our freedom, it is our duty to win, we must love and support one another, we have nothing to lose but our chains." - Assata Shakur

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Since District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert took office in 2015, there have been at least 22 people killed in Sacramento County by various law enforcement agencies -- yet, there have been ZERO charges!

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Your Black Rage is Valid As Hell

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A man was lynched today.  These words resonated deep with me after Trayvon Martin’s death in 2012, and since then those words are still relevant even here in Sacramento.  Did those words surprise you when you just read them?  Did the word “lynch” seem like an ancient term, no longer relevant to our era?  I’m sure your answer is no.  Black death has become such a regular concept that no one even blinks an eye when a life is taken.  Even here, in Sacramento, when cops pull a trigger and call a Black man a thug, it’s accepted as truth without question.  That’s not how it is for Black folks though.  Each time a family is robbed of a life, we take it personal.  When a beautiful Black life is taken by law enforcement or so called “justice system,” it resonates deeply because it could have been us, our siblings, our nephews, our children, or our parents.  This shit is always personal, and in our city it has been going on for far too long without being checked.

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Sacramento Police are Being Dishonest About Their Violence Toward Peaceful Protesters


Black Lives Matter Sacramento

Sacramento Police are Being Dishonest About Their Violence Toward Peaceful Protesters
April 13, 2018

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Our Demands For Stephon Clark

Our demands regarding the Sacramento Police murder of Stephon Clark:

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