BLM Sac Weekly Blog - It’s Time To Be Accountable For The Changes We Want To See


This blog is dedicated to the “watchers” of the movement in hopes to spark passion that lies dormant.  Our failing education system taught us the names of the former men and women who have made fought before us and specific dates that events took place and let’s just be honest, that shit is as useless as learning the quadratic formula.   There was no effort to humanize these figures and make them relatable.  Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and Angela Davis did not drink “Michael’s secret stuff” (space jam reference) every morning to be who they were.  They showed up and fought, after work, after arranging baby sitters, and when they didn’t feel like it.  Trust me this is not a bash and I believe people are not to blame for their lack of motivation to revamp their community.  We were taught to stay quiet and not question authority but we are witnessing a radical movement that is challenging everything we were told to accept. My point is you don’t have to be a superhuman to make a change you just need to show up in whatever capacity.  Numbers matter and you matter so show up and fight.  We are fighting for a community that we feel comfortable in and an environment that encourages children to thrive with no limitations




“In The End, we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends.” MLK Jr.


If you have attended some of the recent council meetings it is apparent that the representa tives that we have elected into office could not care two shits about our concerns.  As a result each meeting has grown more aggressive. We are fed up and restless and are tired of dancing around why we do not have a community policing commission. We cannot trust our law enforcement, our representatives, or the federal leaders.  We have seen men and women have their lives taken on video, killer cops relieved from duty with pay, money leaving our schools while the prison industry is continuously booming. Fuck waiting for something to happen. We cannot expect the oppressors to develop solutions for the oppressed.  BLM Sacramento, and partners, are continuously going hard to lift the names of the men whose lives have been taken at the hands of law enforcement and developing alternative solutions for the community. Show up, be present, and be heard.


“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change…I’m changing the things I cannot accept.” Angela Davis





Calendar of Black Lives Matter Events Coming Up:

December 3rd - Community Alternatives to Policing 

January 7th - City of Sacramento, You're on Notice!

January 21st - Black Lives Matter Sacramento Open Meeting



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