BLM Sac in Coalition Effort to bring Justice in Policing to Sacramento

Come out on Tuesday 9/13! The most important night of the year to create fair and just policing in Sacramento. Your voice is needed. 


Black Lives Matter Sacramento is collaborating with NAACP, LEAD and Sacramento ACT to demand accountable and transparent policing from the City Council, just as City Council begins to negotiate the new police contract to take effect in mid-2017.

  • Dazion Flenaugh was killed by SacPD in April of 2016. 
  • Joseph Mann was killed by SacPD in July of 2016.
  • Que was beaten by 6 SacPD officers in February of 2016
  • G was physically hurt by 8 SacPD officers in August of 2016

The silence from City Council has been deafening.

The media isn't talking about it, either. And neither does the Sacramento Community Police Commission or the Office of Public Safety and Accountability- two offices specifically charged with ensuring accountability and transparency in Sacramento policing. 

In fact, what you often hear from any of the above, is that "Fortunately, this doesn't happen in Sacramento". Which is a brutal insult to grieving families whose loved ones have been slain by Sacramento City Police Officers. 

But: #itHappensinSacramento

Our police are not recognizing that we pay their salary. In return, we demand accountability.

Our city council is not recognizing that we pay their salary. In return, we demand transparency, and a voice in shaping the policies laid out in the police contract. 

We don't know about you but we are tired of seeing people that look like us, dying in the street, while city council does nothing in all its power, to curb the violence by the state.

Please come out to the City Council meeting on September 13, at 6:00 pm. BLM Sac, LEAD, NAACP, and SacACT will be presenting what we know Sacramento needs to do so that the actions of police officers transparent, and most importantly, accountable to the public they serve. 

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