List of Black Women Killed By Police

I am sure this isn't all of them.

I am damn sure that there is probably a huge list of women raped, trafficked, and assaulted by police that we just don't have access too because it isn't documented.

Let's not even get started on Black women and femmes killed by toxic masculinity. #DecolonizeYourMind


I am really sick of the erasure of Black women that are abused by police.

I am pretty tired of their names not being lifted by folks in the movement, and completely erased by the many that only focus on Black men and boys.

We love you Black men, that is why we fight endlessly for you!

We love you Black people, that is why we will never stop fighting for freedom and liberation for ALL of us.

We definitely need that love back.

Cause you won't be free, till all of us are free. Intersections are real and create the most oppressed of us. 

 "The most disrespected person in America is the Black woman, the most unprotected person in America is the Black woman. The most neglected person in America is the Black woman."

- Malcolm X




Adaisha Miller  24
Adrena Kitt     21
Aiyana Jones   7
Alberta Spruill  57
Alesia Thomas  35
Alexia Christian 26
Alicia McCullor 
Alma Shaw
Anita Gay
Anna Brown
Audrey Marshall
Aura Rosser
Brenda Cooper
Brenda Gaines
Brenda Williams
Carolyn “Sissy” Adams
Carolyn Botticher
Charmene Pickering
Cheryl Burton
Chuniece Patterson
Cora Jones
Danette Daniels
Darnisha Harris
Della McDuffie
Delicia Orr Africa
Delories Epps
Denise Gay
Denise Hawkins
Deresha Armstrong
Derrinesha Clay
Desseria Whitman
Eleanor Bumpurs, 66,
Ellosie Spellman
Emily Delafield
Erica Collins
Eula Love
Frankie Perkins
Gabriella Nevarez, 22, who was killed by a Sacramento police officer
Gynnya McMillen
Heather Parker
India Beaty
India Kager
Iquisha Middleton
Jacqueiline Culp
Jacqueiline Nicholson
Janet Wilson
Janisha Fonville
Jessica Williams
Jimmi Ratliffe
Joyce Quaweay
Karen Day
Kathryn Johnston, 92
Kayla Moore
Kendra James
Kesha williams
Kim Groves
Kisha Arrone
Kisha Michael
Korryn Gaines
Kyam Livingston
Laporsha Watson
Laronda Sweatt
LaTanya Haggerty
Latoya Grier
Latricka Sloan
Laura Nelson
Laveta Jackson
Lilie Power
Mackala Ross
Malissa Williams
Marcella byrd
Margaret Mitchell
Marie Fares
Martina Brown
Mary Mitchell
Mattie Debardebelen
Meagan Hockaday
Michelle Cusseaux
Michelle Lee Shirley
Miriam Carey
Monique Deckard
Mya Hall
Natasha McKenna
Netta Africa
Nuwnuh Laroche
Pamela Frowner
Patricia Thompson
Pearlie Smith, 93
Quenyia Shelton
Rachel Jackson
Rebecca Miller
Rekia Boyd
Rhonda Africa
Robin T. Williams
Sahlah Ridgeway
Sandra Bland
Shantel Davis
Sharmel Edwards
Sharon McDowell
Shelley Frey
Shelley Amos
Sheneque Proctor
Shereese Francis
Shulena S. Weldon
Sonji Taylor
Sophia King
Summer Lane
Tanesha Anderson
Tarika Wilson
Teresa Henderson
Tomasa Africa
Tracy Wade
Tyisha Miller
Venus Baird
Vernicia Woodard
Vionique Valnord
Virginia Verdee
Yolanda Thomas
Yuvette Henderson
Yvette Smith
Yvonne McNeal




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