Black Lives Won't Be Derailed

Blue is the color of a uniform, not a person. Blue is a choice, not forcible oppression. Blue is a job, and the phrase “blue lives matter” is simply a racist, reactionary clapback to the very real human rights struggle of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Police terror is a daily stressor for Black and Brown Americans. In our own city, we have watched on repeat unarmed Black men be murdered when less lethal force most assuredly would have been used on a white community member. We watch predominately Black and economically repressed communities being patrolled excessively as community services disappear and community members find themselves caught up in the criminal justice system with very little way out. With excessive police authoritarianism comes excessive force, and we get calls daily from people traumatized by their interactions with law enforcement. The Black Lives Matter movement was created to address these inequities by dismantling the existing violent structures and creating more just and humane ways of caring for our communities. This can only be done by targeting white supremacy and toxic masculinity which are the pillars of both our current criminal justice system AND the violent crime that they claim to contest.

So, when a police officer dies at the direct hands of white supremacy and toxic masculinity—we already understand that it is a tragedy. We are fighting daily for lives to matter. Unfettered violence from white men is nothing new to us—because it is our adversary. What we don’t understand is why the officer is held as a hero, validated in their heartbreak, supported throughout the community, and vindicated through ALREADY existing laws that actually make their lives matter more than a non-officer—while victims of state terror are dehumanized, criminalized, and rarely if ever receive any type of justice despite how egregious their murders are.

The recent murder of a Davis police officer is appalling. She was barely an adult and had an entire lifetime stolen from her. Similarly, Darell Richards was just nineteen. He was having a mental health crisis and could have been helped—but as a Black young person he was gunned down by the Sacramento SWAT in September. The state was so scared of his skin, they emptied their clips into him without any attempt to save his life. He had no weapon. We must protest to just to get his name lifted, and his justice has been and likely will be—deferred.

The hard, direct, and chilling fact is that the blue lives matter “movement” is simply repackaged Nazi propaganda. They are not trying to protect officers from those who would harm them (namely white nationalists), they are spewing anti-Black, ultra-authoritarian, toxic-masculine, and fascist ideologies. Which is why it rose up reactionary to BLM, because those are the values that systematically harm Black people and BLM combats.

Don’t get it twisted. BLACK LIVES MATTER and we will fight until that is the universal truth.


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