What is Next? -- Black Lives Matter Sacramento Weekly Blog Update

Black Lives Matter Sacramento is prepping for a productive and powerful December. From community fundraising to direct action, we'll be out in full force pushing social justice forward.


In response to the murder of Adriene Ludd by the Sacramento Sheriff's Department in October, BLM Sacramento has formally presented Sheriff Scott Jones with a list of demands due to be addressed by December 13th, 2015. The demands for justice are:

I. We need the Sacramento Sheriff Department to give the Ludd family the

-Police Report

-Autopsy Report

-And the names of the officers involved in the shooting of Adriene Ludd

II. We need the Sacramento Sheriff Department to release the dash-cam footage and for every officer to wear body cams. The body cameras should be required to be on, and footage should be public record.

III. We need the new Inspector General, Rick Braziel, to conduct a complete and honest investigation into the murder of Adriene Ludd.

IV. We need the Sacramento Sheriff and Sacramento Police Department, to implement a procedure that complies with AB953.

We need to know how it will be implemented.

We need to know when it will be implemented.

Sheriff Jones has responded that he is working on the demands and would like to have further dialog with BLM Sacramento; however, we are not in the business of relationship building if it means catering to the needs of police and quelling public outrage about the use of excessive force. Sheriff Jones needs to meet our reasonable and ethical demands in the time frame we have provided for the dialog to continue.



Stay tuned: Direct action will be forthcoming!

In addition to our four main demands, BLM Sacramento is also investigating why the newly appointed Inspector General has such close ties to the Shrieff's Department. Sacramento County Board of Supervisors recently appointed Police Foundation Executive Fellow and former Sacramento Chief of Police, Rick Braziel, as its Inspector General. In the position of Inspector General, Braziel should provide independent oversight of the Sheriff’s Department and, when necessary, recommend changes to its operations. December 1st, 2015 begins his term. We strongly question how effective the police policing the police will be, but in the meantime, Inspector Braziel has been provided with his first formal complaint by BLM Sacramento in support of Adriene Ludd and his grieving family.

Our demands and complaints are clear and formally presented. We are providing the Sacramento justice system an opportunity to make short term and long term changes in their current racist and violent practices. We are not suggesting this change, we are not asking for this change. We are committing to fight until our demands are met. The people will be heard, Adriene will receive justice, our communities will be safe from police brutality, and Black lives will matter everywhere.

You can participate in this movement. We have several events coming up and need your support in effecting change.

Upcoming Events: 

Holiday Rummage Sale: December 19th from 8:00-2:00. We have lots of wonderful used goods just in time for the holidays. Everything from large appliances to baby clothes must go! Location TBD.

Oak Park Health Fair: 3rd Annual Oak Park Family Christmas. December 19th 12:00-4:00pm. We will have a booth to provide the community with information about who we are, what we stand for, and how to get involved. Please stop by and see us! 3647 40th Street, Sacramento, CA 95817

Direct Action: Stay woke! We are organizing a big community event...

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