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Direct Action Against Police Brutality, Standing in Solidarity with Social Justice Organizations, and Radical Civic Engagement: A History of Black Power and Activism 

By Trina Allen

Black History is NOW. Every February we are called to remember our history and those who have come before us to shape our current state of affairs.

History, contrary to what we may have been conditioned to believe, has been whitewashed, de-radicalized, distilled, and reformatted to fit the racist, patriarchal, and capitalistic narrative that systemic white supremacy uses to oppress marginalized people all over the globe. It is a history of repeated genocides, racism, colonization, violence, greed, slavery, old Jim Crow, new Jim Crow, imperialism, endless war, power-over, sexism, homophobia, forced gender conformance, rape, and state violence. We have been born into a system that provides great privilege to some, built on backs of many others. However—this history, again, contrary to what we are force-fed, has a rich history of resistance, activism, and people coming together at the intersections of their identities to revolt. 

Some Black History to study if you haven’t yet:

The struggle began when hierarchy began. The struggle never ended. The struggle is now. Black lives matter now. Black history is NOW.


Justice for Adriene Ludd Murdered by State Violence


On Saturday January 30th at Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento, Black Lives Matter stood up to state violence and police brutality by demanding justice for Adriene Ludd. With the attendance and support of Adriene’s family, several activists called out the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department for refusing to provide our community with information of his murder. Specifically:

  • The police report
  • The autopsy report
  • The dash-cam footage

What is the Sheriff’s Department hiding? They change their story and then refuse to provide us with any hard evidence of their claims. Adriene was a loving and thoughtful man. His life mattered. He deserves answers and justice. We deserve organizations—especially those that exert power over us—that demonstrate transparency and accountability, not hegemony and subterfuge.




BLM Sacramento Standing in Solidarity: Everyone Has a Right to Rest


On Tuesday January 26th, BLM stood in solidarity with the Occupation for the Right to Rest at the weekly City Council meeting. Several groups showed up in protest of an inhumane and genocidal city ordinance that criminalizes the homeless. With Sacramento’s current state of relentless gentrification negatively affecting many Black, Latinx, and API communities, orchestrated by the Sacramento City Council and their corporate benefactors, homelessness is an unavoidable outcome and will dramatically affect people of color. Being poor and homeless is not a crime, but criminalizing it is.



Upcoming! Know Your Rights Workshop and Radical Civic Engagement

On February 27th, BLM will host an advanced training on how to handle encounters with the police. The National Lawyers Guild will facilitate this workshop geared toward everyone in our community. We are principally here to empower those who are most targeted by the police, as well as those who put their lives on the line through activism; however, EVERYONE should know their rights. Duty and responsibly come with freedom, so we look forward to seeing you there!

Saturday February 27th at Belle Cooledge Library (5600 South Land Park Dr. Sacramento, CA 95822) from 6:00-8:00pm.


How You Can Support BLM

People united can never be defeated, and we need you to show up for Black lives. On Sunday January 31st we held a fundraising Rummage Sale. Members and community supporters donated various items from new shoes to large appliances. BLM Sacramento is incredibly grateful to our community. Many items were sold and we will use the money to further the cause in the form of supplies, licenses, and resources for the public. Going forward, we invite you to donate on our secure website, and stay abreast of our many upcoming actions. We need your body, your heart, your soul—all of you.


“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”

--Alice Walker

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