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Black Lives Matter Sacramento has continued to revitalize national discourse on racial justice, especially with regards to policing. This movement is led by individuals within the community that want to see a significant positive change. In recent weeks, BLM has conducted acts of protest and civil disobedience designed to put pressure on decision makers to act.


Black Lives Matter Sacramento celebrated the life of Adrienne Ludd at a park near Sheriff Scott Jones house, occupied the Sacramento Sheriff Headquarters, and had a vigil in front of Sheriff Scott Jones home. These actions addressed the systemic oppression historically and currently faced by black communities, specifically in Sacramento.

Finally, the movement has sparked action by the Inspector General to provide us one of our demands and give the families his investigation on the events that took place on October 22, 2015, when Adriene Ludd was murdered by deputies. The information states the actions that were conducted by the police officers were “valid.” However, excessive force was used. He never shot a bullet at the police. But, Adrienne Ludd was shot at by more than 60 rounds. “He went to the ground. Officers cease shooting and reassessed the situation. Officers then observed the suspect attempting to retrieve the handgun and re-engaged the suspect fearing for their safety and the safety of others” (Sacbee, 2015). Some might say it is hard to believe a man shot 10 times could crawl or pose a threat. The actions by the officers were excessive, to say the least.


One of the deputies that shot 30 rounds at Adriene, Deputy David McEntire, has cost Sacramento money by various lawsuits for excessive force and murder; and was still cleared by the district attorney for the third time (we know of).

      Deputy McEntire fired 30 rounds. Glock 17 Gen 4 9mm pistol

Deputy Green fired 24 rounds. Glock 17 Gen 4 9mm pistol

Deputy Mohler fired 8 rounds. Glock 17 Gen 4 9mm pistol

Adriene was shot 13 times, with 3 of those gunshot wounds were to his head. Other shots were to his chest, torso, mid back, lower back, thumb, hip, upper right leg, upper left leg, lower leg, and ankle. Why would they need to shoot a man that many times throughout his entire body? #BlackLivesMatter


After over a year of fighting for Sheriff Scott Jones to act, BLM has made some progress. BLM will continue this fight for Adriene, and others, that have lost their lives to Sacramento law enforcement.

So far this year, in the last 11 months, Sacramento law enforcement has killed 9 people with Jason King being the last person to be taken from his family by California Highway Patrol. King was having a mental episode and police responded by taking him from his family, claiming that he had a gun. According to his wife, her and King were temporarily separated and the only gun he had was a BB gun that is in her possession. She wants to see proof that what they say happened, actually happened. We want her to see that proof as well. #JasonKing


National Politics

Donald Trump won the elections. Something we are not surprised about. The fact that he has a majority republican House and Senate empowers him to make changes that can hurt us all. We have a tough 4 years ahead and can use any contribution to the movement you have. You can either


Or Apply


Some Good News

Scott Jones did NOT win the congressional seat he was running for. What’s funny is that he is demanding for transparency. He wants all the votes counted before he concedes to Bera. He is demanding for all the information so that he can justify his loss. Sounds like exactly what Adriene Ludd’s mother wants, but for some reason, cannot get from him.


Coming Up

Everyone is always talking about how we need to take our communities back. Build our own systems, etc. We don’t see anyone moving forward with that thought. So we decided to start the conversation. On December 3rd we ask that folks from all over Sacramento join us to talk about what community patrolling looks like. This will be the first of several conversations to get the ball rolling on creating a system that saves lives instead of takes lives.

When: Saturday December 3rd, 2016
Where: Robbie Waters Library
Address: 7335 Gloria Drive, 95831
Time: 6:00pm -8:00pm

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