Black Liberation: Justice for Nandi Cain, Jr.

Black liberation is based on the promise of a time and space in which Black lives thrive, not despite, but because of existing social conditions. These conditions have historically been and are currently so violent, so traumatizing, and so dehumanizing that only the power and magic of a deep love of self, family, and community could possibly battle against the immense terror of a white supremacist state. This movement then, can only be fueled by massive, unrelenting love. In practice, this looks likes people collectively banning together to love and support each other as we would our own children, own mothers, own loved ones.

Black Lives Matter Sacramento advocates for Nandi Cain, Jr. through the horror that was committed against him on 4/10/2017 by the Sacramento Police and Sheriff’s Departments, and is dedicated to demanding not only accountability for the agencies and officers involved, but also restorative justice for the trauma he has and will continue to endure.

Anti-Blackness doesn’t just exist in our institutions, it is what created them. Economic, educational, medical, justice—every single damn system—was built not simply on the backs of Black peoples for financial purposes, but with Black enslavement in mind for ideological desires. It is not a matter of rooting out the racism—we need to create something else entirely. Nothing could be truer of the criminal justice system.

Infinite stories of profound pain and sorrow weave throughout every Black community exposed to our criminal in-justice system. Black folx are criminalized as young as preschool, over-policed, racially profiled, cited and arrested at disproportionate rates, assumed to be guilty, charged with more serious offenses, provided substandard defenses, more likely to be convicted, incarcerated at higher levels, serve longer sentences, experience brutal treatment regularly, die significantly more often in custody, provided less mental/medical help, and in general are terrorized by the system that claims to protect, serve, and provide justice & accountability.

As our minds are set on freedom, our hearts imbued with love, we must gather the courage to call out, combat, address, and nurture the TRAUMA experienced in Sacramento.

A momma warrior stands with her head tall outside of the cages where her son has been locked in, all the while she can feel her shattered heart cut through the womb that used to hold him.


A girl, so young, cries into the microphone while protesting the incomprehensibly cruel murder of her uncle by Sacramento Police Department. Trying to uplift his name and share the value his life held, she awakens into the reality that she could be next, and even if not, she will never be the same child again.


A brother just wants his sibling’s personal belongings back from the police that killed him. Just wants someone to say his loved one’s life was worthy of humane treatment.


A historically Black neighborhood for sale to the highest white bidder. Oak Park experiences the same crime and violence that has always needed to be addressed with fair jobs, resources, treatment, and respect—but this time 30 new officers are sent to surveil those in need. Who is worth protecting? Who will be criminalized? What will be the emotional, physical, and economic outcomes for Black residents?


A man crosses the street in his own neighborhood and is brutally assaulted by an Sacramento Police officer.


Nandi Cain, Jr. literally walked across the street in Del Paso Heights—the same Black neighborhood that is now being swarmed by developers and their LEO henchmen—where he was harassed by Sac PD officer Anthony Figueroa. Figueroa stopped Nandi for “jaywalking” on a residential street—not even a crime. The gentrification of a neighborhood begins by criminalizing the people of color that live there. The fines, when added to increased housing costs and fear of harassment, often force longtime residents out of their communities. Del Paso Heights has more “jaywalking” citations than any other neighborhood in Sacramento, and 50% have been given to Black community members who are five times more likely to be cited than any other group. State violence builds on itself.

Let’s be honest, tho. Figueroa wasn’t only acting as the city’s weapon of gentrification—he targeted, stalked, harassed, threatened, choked, and beat Nandi viciously, punching him more than 20 times. He arrested him without cause and then colluded with the Sacramento Sherriff’s jail deputies to continue the abuse. These sociopathic officers put him unjustly in a psychiatric isolation cell where they further attacked and humiliated him by stripping him naked during the physical beating and verbal assault. Nandi was left in the cell for nine hours without being allowed to call anyone. He was released at 2am without any charges because he had no reason to be there in the first place. The physical trauma Nandi endured was extensive and horrifying, but there is no quantification for the emotional trauma he survived, only questions.

“As soon as he got me on the ground I felt like I was going to die.” –Nandi Cain, Jr.

When will Nandi wakeup in peace rather than the panic of nightmares?

What does emotional reparations look like for Nandi?

How about spiritual reparations?

How has this affected his loved ones and what are the larger community costs of state violence?


What does it do to the heart of Nandi’s mother knowing that Figueroa is on PAID administrative leave?

What if Nandi’s friend wasn’t there to film the assault?

How many untold stories of violence, sorrow, and pain plague our communities? What are you willing to do about it?

BLM Demands:

Criminal charges for Anthony Figueroa.

Anthony Figueroa fired from department.

Names of other officers involved in the Arrest.

Names of other officers involved at the jail.

Termination for all other officers involved in abuse while Cain Jr. was in custody.

An apology from the department.

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