Black Freedom Fighters

Black liberation. Say it out loud and feel the words swirl from your lips like an almighty river never to be damned again. Fuck equality—beyond being impossible in a system designed with anti-Black subjugation at its roots—why would anyone want to be equal with the oppressor? Fuck justice—what does that even mean after centuries of relentless, compounding violence? BLM Sacramento is working for BLACK LIBERATION.

The river of liberation begins when we decolonize our minds and our relationships to systems of oppression—namely through divestment of current structures and creating new spaces, based not on hierarchy, but on love. We need self-reflexivity and an absolute commitment to checking ourselves every minute of every day—knowing that the master’s tools want to stick in our hands. These tools of brutality will only wash away when we fight for all Black lives. When all Black lives thrive, it will be an end to white supremacy, capitalism, gender oppression, ableism, and all forms of elitism.


Undocumented Black folks need to be centered in this conversation, and we need to reframe our understanding of historical and current patterns of human relocation. In the US, there is no such thing as an immigrant—there is only a freedom fighter.

The root of white supremacy is theft—theft of land, people, resources, goods, and services. Europe became rich by colonizing Africa, the Americas, and parts of Asia—then flooded excess white people to the “new” world. Genocide, slavery, and the decimation of the land all began as theft. Looking through a decolonized lens, “illegal immigration” to the US and Europe is simply the beginning of reparations. For every Haitian surviving at the US-Mexico border, there are centuries of enslavement at their feet. For every African living undocumented in any country, there are centuries of occupation and material exploitation at their feet. For the local 14-year-old, Honduran boy currently incarcerated in Woodland, CA—how can he or his fellow child detainees be undocumented when Indigenous land lies under their feet? One cannot immigrate to a state of oppression—their existence can only dismantle it.

This is not history. This is always. This is now. Building the wall, strengthening borders, making Amerikkka great again—all mean the same—enslavement for poor Black and Brown people through incarceration. ICE detention centers are growing at the same time as private for-profit prisons, and people are being forced to work while incarcerated. Forced labor is slavery and we should call it that. Why is Black immigration ignored? Why is the crisis in Haiti underreported and underserved? What will be the outcomes for Black folks challenging the validity of false borders? Because intersectionality matters always, Black people are three times more likely to be deported, and mass deportation of Black people is happening faster than any other group. From sugarcane fields to prison and detention factories, white supremacy demands that Black people stay in chains.

Fuck equality, and there can be no justice for all that has been stolen. All Black lives must matter globally. The only space for change flows in the deep gorge of resistance we create—opening the way for collective Black liberation.

Upcoming Events 

Community Alternatives to Police * April 15th 6-8pm * Robbie Waters Library

No Police Allowed

No Politicians Allowed

No Media Allowed

If you haven't been to a meeting yet, make sure you come!

If you have? Let's get to work Saturday April 15th!

This is the 5th Community Alternatives to Police meeting and we are ready to start building an actual structure to replace our police with our community.

We will be breaking into groups, creating teams, and setting up how teams will be communicating.

We are over-policed.

We are not treated with dignity and respect by our public servants.

They come into our neighborhoods and we no longer have safe spaces.

We are criminalized when we are breaking no laws.

We hear a lot of ideas on how to prevent police violence on Black folks.

We talk a lot about restorative justice, community oversight, police commissions, reform....

What does it look like when we take it upon ourselves to protect our communities from the police, while maintaining actual peace in our communities?

What does it look like when we take it upon ourselves to de-escalate situations the right way. While keeping dignity and respect for our fellow community members?

What does it look like when we care for, instead of criminalize, those without homes or those with mental challenges?

How do you envision it to work?

Let's talk about it as a community.

From there we can build a structure that helps to end state violence on Black folks.

Let's take our communities back!

 Soul Skate for Dazion * April 8th 6-10pm * Simmons Community Center 25 Massie Ct.

We are celebrating the life of Dazion Flenaugh, taken from us on April 8, 2016, by SacPD.

We are coming together for Black love and healing with music, games, food, and skating!

DJ OneGone will be spinnin!

Admission is FREE!

Bring a dish if you can because we are doing it Black family style.

There will also be a snack bar where you can buy snacks.

Some of us will come through with 70's themed clothing, feel free to join us. We want to see your afro's!

Come skating or just come watch and hear good music/eat!

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