Be The Change -- Black Lives Matter Sacramento Weekly Blog Update


Have you ever seen that saying  "Be the change you wish to see in the world"? Well, now's your chance! 


In her essay collection The Meaning of Freedom, Angela Davis stated:

"If we are to fashion ourselves today into agents of social change, we will have to do a lot of work, a lot of work on ourselves, a lot of work with each other, and we have to try to make sense of what appears to be a really depressing world. 

... It's tempting to say, nobody can do anything about it... We have plenty of options when it comes to modes of distraction, but how many options are so clearly presented to us when it comes time for getting involved? We have to figure out how to build community. 

... I want to feel that there is an enormous community of human beings who share a vision of the future. ... 

So let me conclude now with a simple, final message that is really a plea. Please get involved. Please try to make a difference. Please try to turn this country, and the world, around." –Angela Davis

Black Lives Matter Sacramento is taking up this plea by offering you several options to get involved in your local community… to make change happen as well as to be IN community with each other. Come check us out at one, or all, of the events below (Click links to RSVP on Facebook).

Also, click here to complete a membership application. We have LOTS of ways for you get involved!




Being Black is Not A Crime!

TOMORROW: Wednesday August 31 at 5:30

Come be black in public with Black Lives Matter Sacramento. Pizza and chill at McClatchy Park.


Hit These Streets With Us

Two Sundays: September 4 and 11

We dedicated our summer to canvassing, to hear what the residents of Oak Park think about the changes in the neighborhood and the changes they would like to see. We would love your help to reach a few more Oak Park residents before we close out our canvassing project. 

Our last two days of canvassing will be on Sunday September 4 and Sunday September 11. Meet us at Old Soul coffee shop for a quick orientation and then we hit the streets! 


Call to Action: Enough is Enough!

Tuesday September 13 at 5:30


Come join Black Lives Matter Sacramento, Sacramento ACT, and LEAD at City Council and help us to demand change in policing. Did you know: The police contract is being negotiated between the City and the Sac City PD RIGHT NOW. They don’t advertise this information, they try to wait until the contract is done and then present it to us like a done deal. But NOW is the time to make sure your city council knows what you want this contract to look like. We pay the police, we should decide how they do their work. Join Us!


Black Love Block Party

Saturday October 22 at 1:00 pm

There is so much going on, so many ways that American society does not uplift black people, from our hair, to our opportunities for education and jobs, to the way we are treated in schools and workplaces, to the actual breath we breathe. So we lift ourselves up, and celebrate Black Love. Come have fun with Black Lives Matter Sacramento- food’s on us- at McClatchy Park.  We will be sharing the results of our summer canvassing project. 

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