Are You Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?

If you are not actively trying to abolish, build or learn then we haven’t got too much to discuss. Personally, I am no fan of small talk or big talkers; I believe in taking initiative and actual actions. Black Lives Matter Sacramento puts in an immense amount of work because our city keeps us busy. There is a lot going on and we know that if we don’t do this work, it won’t get done.


If you aren’t actively trying to be part of the solution then you are a problem.


If you are comfortable with being willfully ignorant to the injustices taking place in our city on the regular then I cannot take you seriously.

If you feel like you have room to judge any of our methods or our approaches to certain situations then I urge you to redirect that energy to actually organizing something because there is a lot that needs to be touched on and there are only so many of us.

Get in where you fit in. We do a lot.....The most actually.

We're resistance for real.

We give our all, we fight this fight because the reality is we are fighting for our lives, for future generations, for our ancestors.

Black people throughout history have been through more struggles than I would like to sit here and reminisce upon, you should know what it is now and what it once was.

One should also know that we are much more than our struggles, we are constantly healing and evolving. Our ability to create something out of nothing is damn near magical, the way we tend to make a way out of no way and how we turn our pain into power, never ceases to amaze me and it scares the shit out of people. The government too.


Segregation really wasn’t that long ago y’all. Facilities that were strictly for use by white people were nearly everywhere; from schools, to restaurants, to drinking fountains, swimming pools, hotels, bathrooms, waiting rooms and even graveyards.

This was the norm at one point in American history.


Signage telling my ancestors where they could “legally” eat, walk, talk, wait and even rest were considered regular things even after slavery was “abolished”.

It may look a bit different these days but racism and segregation are still very much alive today.  It’s very real. And comes in the form of gentrification, anti-blackness and an erasure from history.....thank you #ChrisPendarvis for your emboldened expression of white privilege. We see you and #NakedCoffe. So we have to respond in kind Boycott Naked Coffee in Oak Park!



 That is why Black spaces in 2018 are a beautiful thing.

 If that makes you feel any type of way, sorry not sorry & you should probably take some time to do some serious self-reflecting.


We intentionally create spaces to lift Black lives that have been stolen or forever altered due to police terror in Sacramento and to hold the families that have been impacted. Nobody else is doing this, our local police and politicians couldn’t care less about our pain or our passion. We organize for the community, people power is real. Come through, you can feel it. We sacrifice our peace, our sleep, time with our families, our mental health etc. I could go on but I digress. We don’t get paid for this, we don’t get breaks or accolades but we will win.


The majority of the time our actions are all inclusive and we welcome people of all colors, from all walks of life, we don’t discriminate, the city does more than enough of that, but know that we will always, always, always center OUR PEOPLE.

 The revolution is right now.

 It’s simple really, you’re either with us or you’re in the way.


Justice for our city and all Black lives lost in Sacramento, CA due to state-sponsored terror and for those who survived acts of police brutality. Teach their names: Adriene Ludd, Dazion Flenaugh, Trish Hill, Joesph Mann, Jason King, Igzabihair Yamakosi, Armani Lee, Lorenzo Cruz, Desmond Phillips, Nandi Cain, Ryan Ellis, Mikel McIntyre, Zityrua Abraham, James Nelson, Stephon Clark, Brandon Smith, Danuel Lobue, and Darell Richards. 

All power to the people.


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