Abolition: To Protect and Serve the People

Institutional reform works when the building blocks of an organization are fair and ethical, but just need a little mending…

Sacramento Paladin Security and Sacramento Police Department assaulted a child last week and no one ended up in handcuffs except the boy himself. He committed no crime. He simply asked for help from community members to get his needs met. A security officer chased him away from the store, put hands on him, and called the police. Sac PD officers cuffed him, attempted to put him in the back of a cruiser, and then tackled him to the ground before putting a bag over his head—all the while the security guard had his hand and arm around the child’s neck. A dozen highly armed and trained adults were dispatched for a twelve-year-old asking people to buy him food. Instead of protecting him and meeting his needs, they escalated the situation with excessive and unnecessary force.

This is state terrorism. This is your local labor and taxes funding an attack on a child. Fuck reform. We need to abolish law enforcement and create better ways to serve one another and hold each other accountable to community agreements.

Trauma is real.

Trauma is indefinite.

Trauma pulses through the DNA we never meant to empty into those that come after us. Science has confirmed that which anyone with a heart already knew—oppression has generational costs.

Black children are affected by anti-Blackness before they are even born.

Reparations, healing, growth, change—these will never come through existing structures.

This young person now must navigate that reality along with the actual physical violence he endured at the hands of men and women who could have killed him with impunity. The same hands that put his ancestors in shackles. The same hands that will reach for his future children—unless or until we stop them.

Protect and serve who? He deserved so much better, and the truth is that any one of us could have done better. We still can.

BLM Sac has been organizing the creation of community-led support for Sacramento outside of white supremist values. Abolish and Rebuild meets monthly as a large group and regularly as subgroups. The goal is to abolish anti-Black genocidal systems and build new ways to meet those needs.

The CopWatch arm of Abolish and Rebuild “is intended to watch and document the police in infested communities, provide security to over policed people, and put power and control back into the hands of the people.”

The Education team “seeks to work towards a decolonial education model that empowers Black people by making our resilience, power, and talents transparent, imagining a future of great capacity that acknowledges the strength demonstrated daily by our youth, elders, and ancestors, and teaching Black parents and students to advocate for themselves within the current system as we move toward a decolonial and abolitionist school structure.”

The De-escalation team “is creating alternative structures for conflict resolution that empower communities to address intra-community problems without any dependency on police or other oppressive systems.”

The Street Crisis team’s long-term goal “is to develop a coalition of trained individuals that can provide on-site community-lead mental health and disability support for people experiencing a crisis, without calling law enforcement or anti-Black organizations that conspire with the police.”

The Family Support team “provides support—through education and advocacy—to families harmed by the destructive policies of Child Protective Services and the child welfare system. We create structures that counteract CPS practices and render them unnecessary or infeasible.”

This is service.

This is protection.

This is what we can do together, right now, for all those who will come after us and in the memory of all those who came before.


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