A 4th of July State of Mind -- Black Lives Matter Sacramento Weekly Blog Update



Reflections on the 4th of July... appropriate for the moment we're in, where racism seems to have come out of hiding. 

We been saying it all along: 

#staywoke, matter of fact,  #staythehellwoke

In light of the events in Sacramento, people are fed the fuck up. People are tired of watching while madness is protected by the Constitution; giving rise to snipers on rooftops, who follow our Brown activist bodies through the sights of high powered rifles?  


Because we speak up and speak out about miscarriages of justice that befall our bodies DAILY?

You remember the Constitution? That document written so well to include, yet simultaneously exclude? 

To give a certain colored child, from a certain neighborhood, born to certain parents, opportunity to SOAR while others are relegated to build the ship, yet never have the opportunity to touch the sky?

To allow that same child to complain and blame the system created FOR her because she didn't realize those wings required care?

Back to that Constitution... That document which makes it possible to protect the right for SOME to freely speak their minds while silencing others. 

People are fed the fuck up with this. When the powers that be turn a blind eye on children who go undereducated and underfed, only to be demonized in the press and media when they wind up dead?  

They turn a blind eye, then a deaf ear to the cries of mothers asking why their babies didn't make it to 13 or get the help they needed before being gunned down in the streets. . .

The argument lies in our cries, not our sighs. 

The battle is born from our anger not our prayers. 

When there is nothing left to do, but hold our ground, then hold we must. 

In light of the events in Sacramento, people are fed the fuck up. It is time for a change. It is time to take a stand. The time is now to DEMAND our politicians and representatives do not just their part to affect change, but define and describe their role in the change, and call them on the carpet when they forget who they serve. 

 Or bodies may be weary, but our souls are impenetrable. 

*raises fist high*

 On that note... JOIN US on Saturday July 16 for our first Open Meeting, to learn how Black Lives Matter Sacramento is trying to push past the frustration and create accountable systems- education, policing, city and state government. 

Click here to RSVP at the event page. We will share the many events we have planned for this year's Black August- lots of opportunities to get involved and make your voice heard. We will be attending city council meetings, police commission meetings, attending meetings and events in Oak Park, and having a block party- yep- it's not all work and no play! 

 Making your voice heard can happen in so many ways.

For inspiration, check out this beautiful art activism from the inter webs: 

 (youth performance at a block party in Seattle's Beacon Hill neighborhood)


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