#WhereYouAtSac.....Resistance is the Foundation of LIBERATION

While everyone claims to be conscious about the seriousness of this movement for BLACK LIBERATION and how important each collective moment requires MORAL WITNESSES to build the foundation of CHANGE.....we need to gauge where Sacramento is in this moment of shared trauma and anguish?  Because since March 18, 2018, when thousands of folks flooded the streets in the aftermath of Stephon’s murder, standing in SOLIDARITY for justice has seemingly dwindled, to say the least.  After approximately 14 days straight of protest in the streets, it has gone from masses to handfuls.  The "tap in" has been a "tap out" and your energy is essential to keeping the pressures on the powers that be; so as a community we can claim #Justice4StephonClark.


Since those first 2 weeks after Stephon’s death, there have been others in this town who EQUALLY deserve our voice, energy, and SOLIDARITY…..

On June 5, 2018, Brandon Smith (say his name), who with the help of his mother turned himself into his Probation Officer Angelle Garner, when her fellow officer Charles Mosby engaged in the unnecessary beating of Brandon at Volunteers of America, which ultimately led to his death in the custody of SacPD.  So many sets of dirty hands have to be held accountable for this tragedy.  So many witnesses had to have seen how wrong and excessively brutal Charles Mosby was with Brandon on that day.  Leaving his family and this community wondering who will be the HERO and stand for HUMANITY?



On August 17, 2018, D.L. a 16-year-old boy in the community of Del Paso Heights was intentionally run down by a SacPD officer after being harassed for not having a reflector on his bike.  Since when is it humane to first run people over with vehicles and second why is it acceptable to waste taxpayer dollars on citations and courts, when simply supplying kids with reflectors for free would solve the problem.  If it were not for "cop watchers" that night, the narrative would have further criminalized this child for simply riding his bike at night.

On September 6, 2018, Darell Richards (say his name) was chased down by SacPD and ultimately murdered by SWAT as he hid fearfully for his life in someone’s backyard.  This incident comes AFTER policy and procedural changes with respects to bodycam usage and foot pursuit.....that shit didn't work.  While it makes no sense that SWAT was even called, the length of time SacPD used to pursue and terrify this 19-year-old baby is even more mind-boggling and unforgivable.  And that’s on top of the fact that the homeowner tells a very different story than SacPD, as he watched the incident play out and even tweeted in live time about "someone being murdered in his backyard."



While the year isn’t even over yet, on October 28, 2018, Marshall Miles (say his name) died in Sac Sheriff custody after being arrested without incident according to his family, who was on the scene during his arrest.  We cannot and will not believe that this young 36-year-old man died of a heart attack, especially when he had physical signs of abuse all over his body.  It's the same story every time, being Black is a crime in from the vantage of law enforcement.



We cannot make these stories up, and while the death of Stephon Clark brought the eyes of the world to little old Sacramento, so have the same eyes been watching this community.  The eyes of the world, this country, this state, this county, and this city have been watching and paying attention to the familiar faces who show up and show out for JUSTICE.  And this is why it is important that not only these families see your faces, but organizers on the front lines see your faces too.  #WeAreStrongerTogether and that is a fact.  So the question remains #WhereYouAtSacramento???  Because what we do know is, resistance is and will always be the foundation of LIBERATION.

BLM Sacramento Chapter founder recently wrote a poem, “I think I’m going to die soon…..” because, in light of everything that is challenging about organizing and leading, there is a clear and present danger lurking in our faces, behind our backs, in the dark of night…..LITERALLY EVERYWHERE WE GO.  Clear messaging has been sent directly from Trump’s mouth, “Activists are extreme-terrorist.”  So they study our movements and knowing of our names, and attempts to intimidate us is business as usual.  These son’s of biscuit eaters are serious, the Guardian wrote in an article “Black Activist Jailed for his Facebook Posts Speaks Out About Secret FBI Surveillance.”  We know this can be our fate, so I ask again #WhereYouAtSacramento?


We can promise you this…..

  1. We will continue to call out systemic racism and inherent biases
  2. We will speak out against Law Enforcement because their job is to control us and we need them to #StopKillingUs
  3. We will insert BLACKNESS and joy into everything we can
  4. We will lift families hurt from state-sanctioned TERRORISM
  5. We will work to change the landscape of ordinances and laws, locally and nationally

It has been a busy year and we have no plans of stopping any time in the near future.  As long as a Scott Jones will fight tooth and nail to confuse the public about who he is accountable to and who should be Black leaders.....the fight will continue.  Hence the need for everyone to ACTIVATE THEIR ACTIVISM and tap in every opportunity they get.  On any given day you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram…..as we try to keep the community up to date with information, events, and incidences relevant to this fight for BLACK LIBERATION

Let us elevate and escalate this fight together so that we can survive and live long together. 

So when the call goes out, we hope to see you in these streets,

or at City Council,

or at the Board of Supervisors,

or School Board meetings,

or when cultural appropriation and gentrification takes place,

or at the State Capitol,


So we march on, like Martin Luther King, Jr did during the Civil Rights Movement and we invite YOU into this beautiful equation too.

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November 20 & 21 – Day 234 and 235 at the DA’s Office for Stephon. Still No Charges!!! @ 3 – 6pm


December 4 – Let’s Stop the Rogue Sheriff Now! Fill Up The Board of Supe’s @ 9:30am


December 14 – We’re Still Here! Oak Park Open Mic w/ BLM Sacramento @ 7pm


December 30 – Black Lives Rap Fest @ 9pm