"Well, let's just agree to disagree..."


Agree to disagree?

 When I hear “We’ll just have to agree to disagree,” I imagine white silence where it is easy to ignore that which makes one uncomfortable.

When I hear “We’ll just have to agree to disagree,” I hear the voices of my elders who either fail or refuse to believe the fight continues when “Ain’t a damn thang changed.”

When I hear, “We’ll just have to agree to disagree,” I hear the argument that we should just be kind to one another and everything will sort itself out.

When I hear, “We’ll just have to agree to disagree,” I envision protesting with a small but dedicated group when the impact of 1000 could touch more.

When I hear, “We’ll just have to agree to disagree,” I hear people debate whether a public official assaulting a protestor should be considered, and treated in the same punitive manner as our children who languish within namesake educational environments.

When I hear, “We’ll just have to agree to disagree,” I recognize that the word “complacency,” which has been at the edge of the collectives lips as of late, is not just another vocabulary word being used to impress folks.

“Complacency” should impress UPON folks that our words and actions can easily call up self-righteousness in that phrase, “We’ll just have to agree to disagree.”

Complacency is ignoring the uncomfortable because it takes work to acknowledge and work within that discomfort.

Complacency is digging one’s head in the sand and sticking to the colorblind, all lives matter, and “can’t we all just get along.” Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

Complacency is letting conflicts in your moral compass prevent you from supporting positive change, simply because it ain’t for, or about you.

Complacency is generated by fear. Complacency if fueled by fear. Complacency is fear.

So let’s find something we can agree on…


Let’s agree that it’s been too long.

Let’s agree that our community is damaged.

Let’s agree that neither equality nor equity have been attained.

Let’s agree that the fight continues no matter how badly you ignore the obvious.

Let’s agree that lives are being lost daily; precious Black lives, male, female, and trans lives worth more than their weight in gold.

Let’s agree that being uncomfortable sometimes comes from doing what is right.

Let’s agree that #dazionflenaugh and #josephmann should still be with their families

Let’s agree that schools need to be institutions of learning, not institutions period.

Let’s agree that we do not exist to be target practice for a militarized police force.

Let’s agree that one bad apple does in fact, spoil the whole bunch, and that it takes more than just the farmer to find those bad apples.

Let’s agree that Black communities are at risk and yours is next.

Let’s agree that the Black community is in need of love right now. Love from one another. Support and guidance in our struggles and this battle.

Let’s agree that #adrieneludd should still be with his family today. He was murdered by the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department on October 22, 2015.

It is time to come together.

It is time to fight.

It is time to rise.


We have things to do and not near enough time.

So let us celebrate our lives. Let us come together to lift up the souls and communities we fight for.


On Saturday, October 22, 2016, Black Lives Matter Sacramento will be having a huge celebration at McClatchy Park from 1pm – 6pm to close out the summer. RSVP here

BBQ, FOOD, AND DRINKS (first come, first serve) a DJ and a DANCE FLOOR


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