The Whole System is Guilty!

Elected officials and public servants of the city/county of Sacramento have been getting away with pushing their own agendas, ignoring their constituents needs, avoiding transparency and accountability, and brushing very large problems under the rug.

Our law enforcement agencies brutalize and kill folks with no consequences.

Our city officials molest and sexually assault women and children with no consequences.

Our council members ignore us when we are trying to utilize our democratic processes, with no consequences.

Our public servants ot the court watch it all happen and set no precedents that enforce the value of Black lives.

Our federal elected officials do and say absolutely nothing as if these things are not happening on their watch.

Our state elected democrat officials do and say absolutely nothing, while our states republican officials advocate to continue to keep us in our boxes with no people power.

As members of this city/county, we all go through all of the processes that are given to us to make changes in our city. We get looked down on, beaten, blatantly ignored, and sometimes killed with no explanation to our families. 

Sheriff Scott Jones:
_give us a minute, this list is long_
-Illegally using stingrays to evesdrop in on our conversations
-Murder of Black Sacramentans
-Immigration Crimes
-Scams Sacramento Out of Jail Money

Sacramento Sheriff:
-Death of Adriene Ludd reason still unknown
-Death of Ed Curie while in custody
-Death of Mark Scott while in custody
-Death of Justin Prescott attempting suicide
-Death of Jonathan Rose for mental illness
-Shooting of Danny Sanchez for recording
-Beating of John Reyes

Sacramento City Council:
-Criminalizing Homelessness
-Gentrification of Oak Park, Midtown, and Seavey Circle/New Helvetia

Sacramento Police Department:
-Beating and Death of John Torretti
-Beating of Homeless Black man Que
-Beating of Homeless man Mohommad

Mayor Kevin Johnson:
-Multiple sexual assault charges
-Misuse of funds
-Charging folks to make change and no change coming from it
-Silencing local activists
-Gentrifying the hell out of Oak Park and displacing long time residents and neighborhood buisnesses

Congresswoman Doris Matsui:
Not ONE damn thing...

April 26, 2016 at 3pm - 6pm
California State Capitol
10th Street and L St
Sacramento, CA 95814
United States
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