25 Ways to Stay WOKE

By Dale Allender, BLM Sacramento Chapter Member

1. Listen.

2. Read Widely.

3. Question the validity of ALL media reports and sources. Look for repetition among all of your trusted sources and evidence.


4. Know your rights—Read the constitution.

5. Listen to critical news sources, such as Democracy Now.

6. Listen to international news sources online whenever you can.

7. Support independent media.

8. Watch and share Live Streaming civic engagement and civic disruption events.

9. Connect what you read and hear to history.

10. Talk to children.

11. Listen to children.

12. Look for Patterns in systems, organizations and outcomes.

13. Be alert for micro-aggressions and name them publicly when the y happen to you or others.

14. Explore the Black Panther Party’s history.

15. Always ask WHY.

16. Always ask “who benefits, and who loses or gets hurt?”

17. Demonstrate.

18. Share critical information.

19. Vote with your dollar—avoid buying from sources that are anti-black and anti-humane.

20. Call, Write, Text public officials to voice your disagreement with inhumane, anti-black policies and practices.

21. Vote in ALL elections—boards, commissions, local, state, and national offices.

22. Interrupt false narratives about Black individuals and communities when you hear them in person or in the media.     

23. Celebrate Black love.

24. Celebrate Black victory

25. Read The History of Pan African Revolt by CLR James.


Sometimes Scream.

Breathe again.



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